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7 Tips For Successful Australian Student Visa Application By Migration Expert


Tips For Preparing A Successful Australian Student Visa Application From Australian Migration Expert

Preparing a successful Australian Student Visa application is a dream for international student who wants go through higher education in Australia..

It’s very unfortunate when after you spend so much effort, time and money you receive news about your student visa application get refused.

Which makes your study plan at risk.

So to minimize this unfortunate event happens to you, our expert migration team would like to share 7 tips which raising your chance for your student visa granted by Australia immigration.

Choose Your Course and Institution Carefully

Choose a course you will enjoy, that will benefit your future career and a course you will see through to the end.

Do your research about what university is best for your course and which one suits your personality.

Each university around the world has its own culture or personality; take your time and pick the one that’s right for you.

Provide Clear Explanation On Why You Choosing To Study in Australia

Why not study at home?

You must convince immigration that the course you want to study is not as good quality at home compared to Australia.

How does Australian education have the edge?

You must also explain what Australia, and Australians, gain from having you live there and what the universities gain from having you as a student.  

Have a Convincing Argument About Your Stay in Australia

You must convince immigration that you are not just using this student visa as a long-game path to getting permanent residency.

You must explain why you will take the education you get there, and use it for the benefit of others in your home country, or to have a career anywhere in the world.

Explain how you have strong ties to your home country and can only bare to be separated from them for the duration of this course.

Getting Good Grades

If you’ve been a bit of a slacker in the past, that’s not going to look good on your application.

You need good grades and a proven work ethic to be granted a coveted place in an Australian university.

If you are granted a student visa, you must also keep up the good work while studying; many students have their visas cancelled midway through the academic year and are sent home because of poor attendance records!

Capable Of Showing Adequate English Language Skills

You must be able to understand your lecturers, work in groups with Australian students and be able to enjoy life outside of the lecture halls.

To make the most of your time in Australia and make as many connections as possible, you must have a competent grip on the English language; both written and spoken.

Re-Check The Requirements for Student Visa

Make sure you understand everything the visa application requires of you.

If you have not submitted all the information or fulfilled all the requirements, your application will be delayed or rejected.

Once you have a rejected visa, it makes it more likely that any other Australian visa you apply for in future will be rejected too.

Getting Help From A Registered Visa Agent

Submitting student visa without professional help most likely will end up in student visa refusal.

One of the best way to crafting a successful Australian student visa application is be informed about the requirements from trusted sources.

Hiring a registered Australia visa agent or migration agency to aid you making a successful Australian student visa application is the best choice to make.

They will ensure that you have not missed any single detail and this gives you chance at having a successful Australian student visa application;

Particularly if you come from a “high-risk” country i.e. those they believe may break the terms of their visa.

Make sure your visa agent has a registered by Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA).

You able to identify which migration agency is registered by asking them for their MARN number.

ONE derland Consulting, lead by Mrs. Indah Melindasari (MARN 0961 448) know how important is a successful Australian student visa application for you.

Had been going through Australian education as an International student, She knows what kind of mistakes an applicant makes during their application process.

Book an appointment with Mrs. Indah as the first step towards your migration goal.

Having a discussion with Mrs. Indah will gain you an insight about the intricacies of Australian migration law and help you build a solid Australian student visa application.

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