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Additional Changes to On-shore Partner Visa Migration


Please see the new changes to on-shore partner visa migration processing

Wendy Davenport, who is the Director of Onshore Partner Migration, has written a statement to inform us about the recent changes to on-shore partner visa processing leading up to the program year in July:

  • The processing for the partner visa application will no longer be based on the month of lodgement
  • Immigration will now be placing priority to low-risk, fully front-end loaded applications that immediately satisfy partner visa criteria

You can see the changes to on-shore partner visa as she stated in her letter:

As we move into the final quarter of the programme year and focus our efforts intensively on meeting the annual target by 30 June, we will be giving priority to low-risk applicants and those regarded by DIBP as fully front-end loaded with documentation that immediately satisfies Partner criteria. This will result in a departure from our usual chronological method of assessing applicants by month of lodgement.

Therefore, you may find that some of your clients receive decisions ahead of others who lodged many months prior. This triaging approach has been endorsed by the Executive as an efficiency measure to identify Partner applications which are potentially of the highest quality and lowest risk for visa places this programme year.

So we wanted to keep everyone up to date, that even though you may have lodged your partner visa application before someone else, they could receive the decision on their visa before you do.

It will not be processed based on when you lodged your application anymore, our apologises for this, as I am sure this has to be irritating for everyone.

However, our company can provide you with a bullet proof application for the front-end loaded application that Immigration is speaking about.

I Have Questions About These Changes to On-shore Partner Visa.

To prevent you getting misinformed or submitting a unconvincing application and jeopardizes your chance getting together with your partner in Australia, it’s better to play safe and seek help from professional.

If you happens to live in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney, we could provide assistance with your on-shore visa application.

We would explain the recent changes to on-shore partner visa to you and assess your relationship with your partner.

Then we will build an actionable migration plan build from the information your provided during your professional consultation with our registered migration agent, Mrs. Indah Melindasari.

ONE derland Consulting has extensive experience dealing with different type of visas and complex cases, to find further information on your options and eligibility for partner visas above, please contact our office on (+61) 8 9477-5831 or email: [email protected]

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