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Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) – Things You Need to Know

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) – Things You Need to Know

AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) and Things You Need to Know

Have you ever heard about Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)? Do you know that Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) allows you to review your Australian Visa application decision in case it was rejected?

Many people think that once they are rejected a visa, they may not have other chance to enter or remain in Australia. A lot of people who applied for a visa by themself, do not know that they may be able to review their visa decision.

People who are working closely with a Migration Agent must be familiar with Administrative Appeals Tribunal but not many of them know what exactly AAT is.

In this article, we will break it down in a simple way to help you understand better all the things about Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

What Is The Administrative Appeals Tribunal?

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is for you who are seeking a review for any decisions made by the Australian Government. You would need to make sure that the decisions are allowed to be reviewed. The common types of review people looking for, such as child support, Commonwealth workers’ compensation, migration and refugee visas and visa-related decisions, taxation and many other.

If you are seeking a review with AAT in regards to your rejected visa application, you will have to make sure that you are eligible for it. Most visa decisions that are reviewable were those lodged onshore, but not limited to offshore applications as well.

When Should I Apply For Administrative Appeals Tribunal?

Before you can apply for a merits review, you will need to make sure that you are eligible to do AAT. The easiest way to know is to check in your visa refusal letter and see if it allows you to lodge a merit review. 

If it says that the decision can be reviewed, then yes, you may go to this tribunal process. You will then have to apply for a review within the time limit as referred in your refusal letter. If you pass the time limit, the AAT will not be able to consider your review application.

How Does Administrative Appeals Tribunal Work?

There are 2 options to apply for a review with the AAT. You can apply online here or filling out paperwork and apply in person, by fax or by post.

Once you have lodged the AAT application, you will need to wait until you are invited to give a comment or to come in person to attend a hearing regarding your visa refusal case.

If you are notified to do one of the options above, you will have to explain your case as detailed as possible and give any evidences to support your claims.

This part is where a Migration Agent will come in han