AUSTRALIA BUSINESS VISA – Build Your Business In Australia Through The Australian Business Innovation And Investment Program

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Business-minded individuals are able to apply for visas to build and develop businesses within Australia via the Australian Business Innovation and Investment Program.

The Business Innovation and Investment Program is offered by the Australian Government as a method of contributing to the growth of the country’s economy. This visa allows business people to own, manage, invest, and conduct a business in Australia.

All 188 Visas are provisional residence and it is a 2 step process to permanent residence. All applicants for a 188 visa must be nominated by a State or Territory Government. There are several state nominated visa options available for migrants and different streams depending on whether you already own a business, want to start a business in Australia or if you want to invest in the state. There are 2 Australia business visa streams that will be explained in this article.

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa - 188 Visa

Australia Business Visa – Subclass 188

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa

This Australia business visa is for business owners who own or manage a new or existing business in Australia. It is a point tested application and applicants need to score a minimum of 65 points to be invited to apply. Points will be awarded based on your business turnover, your net assets, number of years of business experience, and your age, as well as a number of other factors. You must have a genuine intention to enter into business in Australia upon arrival.

If you want to own and manage a new or existing business or an investment in provisional Australia, or you want to undertake entrepreneurial activities, this visa is suitable for you.

This visa allows you to stay in Australia for 4 years and 3 months, and extendable.

To apply for this visa, you must first secure a nomination from an Australian state/territory government that you can obtain through the EOI.

  • You must operate a new or existing business in Australia.
  • An Australian state/territory government agency must nominate you to apply for this visa.
  • You must invest a specific amount of money depending on your business.
  • You must score at least 65 point in SkillSellect.
  • You must be able to show proof of your business success (annual turnover, ownership stake).
  • You have to show a total net business and personal assets of at least AUD 800,000.
Business Investor Stream - 188B Visa

Australia Business Visa – Subclass 188B

Business Investor Stream

Investor Visa. This Australia business visa is for business owners or investors with at least AUD$2.25 million and the ability to invest AUD$1.5 million into a designated investment for a minimum of 4 years. The designated investment in Government Bonds and is guaranteed. You also need to score a minimum of 65 points to be invited to apply for this visa. Similar factors are assessed as for subclass 188A.

This visa is for entrepreneurs, investors and business owners who currently hold subclass 188, 444, or 457 visa and want to continue their business and activity in Australia.

This visa allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely.

  • Hold a subclass 188, 444, or 457 visa.
  • Meet business requirement.
  • Be nominated by the Australian state/territory government agency.
  • Have an annual business turnover of AUD300,000.

Is it hard to get Australia Business Visa? Here are several questions that you might have in your mind about Australia Business Visa

How much do I need to invest to get an Australia Business Visa?

  • To get an Australia Business Visa for investor stream you must invest AUD1.5 million in an Australian State or Territory.
  • To get an Australia Business Visa for significant investor stream you must at least AUD 5 million in complying significant investments in Australia.
  • To get an Australia Business Visa for premium investor stream you must invest AUD15 Million in Australian investments and/or philanthropic contributions that meet certain requirements.
  • And to get an Australia Business Visa for entrepreneur stream, you must have a funding agreement with a third party to carry out entrepreneurial activities.

How much do I need to invest in Australia to get PR?

If you have a provisional Australia business visa (Business innovation and investment (provisional) visa), you will be eligible for permanent residence after establishing your business. The eligibility is own a business with a turnover of at least AUD 750,000 for at least 2 of the last 4 fiscal years and net personal and business assets of at least AUD 1,500,000.

Can I stay in Australia if I have a business?

Yes, Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa Subclass 188 allows you to own and manage a business in Australia. Australia business visa also allows you to conduct business and investment activity in Australia or undertake an entrepreneurial activity in Australia. With this Australia business visa you can stay up to 5 years in Australia and you can apply for Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa Subclass 888 to stay permanently in Australia as a Permanent Resident.

How can I get PR for my business in Australia?

You can apply for Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa Subclass 888 to stay permanently in Australia as a Permanent Resident. The eligibility for this Australia business visa is you must hold, or in certain cases must have held a Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa in the Business Innovation stream, a Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa in the Business Innovation Extension stream, a Special Category visa, or, in some cases, a subclass 457 visa. You should meet certain business requirements and have a current nomination from an Australian state or territory government agency.

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The amount of paperwork is extensive, overwhelming and there are no straightforward answers

You will need to dedicate a good amount of time to understanding the the process and preparing the application

All the research you have done on the internet is contradicting to each other

You are not sure of which visa subclass you should apply for

WHAT IF your application gets refused, have you considered the extra costs, time and stress to get it fixed

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