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Australian Child Visa Fee: How Expensive is It in 2024?


Planning to Lodge a Child Visa? Let’s Find Out How Much The Australian Child Visa Fee is in 2024

When it comes to lodging an Australian Child Visa, either Visa 101 Australia and Visa 802 Australia, understanding the involved fee is very important.

Don’t ever think that preparing the Australian Child Visa application charge is enough. You must also prepare other essential fees such as the medical examination, translating documents (especially when your documents are not in English), and others.

In this article, we will give you an in-depth understanding of how much funds you should prepare, so your Australian Child Visa application will run smoothly.

First: Prepare the Australian Child Visa Application Charge in 2024

As of July 2023, the Australian Child Visa fee is AUD 3,055 for the main applicant of both Visa 101 Australia and Visa 802 Australia.

Additional charges are applicable when the dependent, who is usually the underage child of the applicant, joins the application. The additional charges are:

  • AUD 3,055 for dependent above 18 years old; and
  • AUD 765 for dependent under 18 years old

Please note that the above charge usually changes in July every year. This is one of the reasons that we always suggest our clients to get ready and lodge their Australian Child Visa application before July. Or else, you will be charged a more expensive cost.

You can find the full list of updated Australian Visa application charge here: Immigration Program 2023-24 Update: Australian Visa Fee Increased

Australian Child Visa Application Charge for 101 Visa Australia and 802 Visa Australia

Second: Prepare the Other Necessary Cost for Visa 101 Australia and Visa 802 Australia

Other necessary child visa costs are related to the health examination, biometrics, police check, documents translation, and maybe a professional agency fee if you appoint a migration agent or migration lawyer.

1. Health Examination Cost for Child Visa

If you take the health examination in Australia, it approximately costs AUD 350. The cost might differ according to the requested examination and your location.

If you are overseas, it is best to contact the appointed panel physician to confirm the cost. You can check the appointed panel physician by searching your home country on this page.

2. Cost for Biometrics

The biometrics are required for certain countries only. So, do a quick check first whether your home country is required for biometrics here.

If your country is on the list, you must prepare the biometrics application by contacting the nearest Australian Biometrics Collection Centre. The Australian Government works together with the VFS Global for the biometrics collection, so you can visit the VFS Global website for more details about the biometrics collection.

3. Police Check Cost

The police check is usually required only if your child has turned 16 years old or older when lodging the Visa 101 Australia or Visa 802 Australia.

The cost for police checks is differ for each country, so you can check the cost directly to the National Police Department in your home country.

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4. Cost for Document Translation

This is mandatory only if your documents are not in English. You can’t get your documents translated by anybody, instead you must get the documents translated by an authorised translator.

If you are onshore, consider getting your documents translated by a NAATI approved translator.

5. Professional Agency Fee for Child Visa Application

If you plan to lodge the Australian Child Visa with assistance from a registered Migration Agent, prepare the fund to pay their professional assistance. Each Registered Migration Agent has a different fee and standard in assisting one’s child visa application.

Ensure to do a deep research before appointing a Registered Migration Agent because the future of your visa application is in their hands too.

We have been assisting Australian Child Visa applications since 2009, so we have enriched our team with a lot of experience with it. If you are interested in having our assistance for your Child Visa application, you can check our Professional Migration Agency Fee first.

Do You Need to Prepare More Funds?

Sure you do. It is always the best to prepare extra funds, especially when you lodge the Visa 802 Australia, which is an onshore application. So, suppose anything happens out of your plan, you are ready to pay any costs that it causes.

But do you know there is one thing that you can do to prevent this? That is by having assistance from a Registered Migration Agent! We can help you prevent any unexpected occurrence in your child visa application as we will deliver you the strategic planning and risk mitigation with 100% refundable consultation fee if you are not satisfied with the result.

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