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Australian Child Visa Requirements and Steps in 2024


Australian Child Visa Requirements and Steps: Full Details 2024

You’ve made your way to become an Australian Permanent Resident or even an Australian citizen. It’s time to reunite with your child in Australia with the Australian Child Visa. Understanding the Australian Child Visa requirements is your number one job now, especially the requirements for 101 visa Australia and 802 visa Australia.

I will guide you through the complete requirements and steps in lodging an Australian Child Visa in 2024.

Before diving into the requirements, see the Australian Child Visa subclasses.

Australian Child Visa Subclasses

Currently, the Australian Government provides 2 Australian Child Visa subclasses:

You might be wondering which one is best for your child. The answer depends on your plan and circumstances.

If you prefer to have your child in Australia with you while waiting for the visa decision, you may consider the 802 visa Australia, as it allows your child to live and study in Australia. However, you must note that your child must continuously meet the criteria for the visa subclass.

However, if your child finds staying in their home country more comfortable while waiting for the visa decision, the 101 visa Australia sounds like the best option.

If you are still unsure, don’t worry. You can discuss your concerns with our Registered Migration Agent and team in a private consultation session.

Australian Child Visa Requirements in 2024

The Australian Child Visa requirements for each visa subclass is the same. Both applicant and sponsor must meet the requirements, which are:

Applicant Requirements

  • They must be either your biological/adoptive/stepchildren;
  • They must be single (have no partner or in a relationship);
  • They must be under 18 years old or meet specific age requirements;
  • They must meet the health requirements;
  • They must meet the character requirements (if they are above 16 years old)

Sponsor Requirements

  • You must be either an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen;
  • You must be above 18 years old;
  • You must be either biological or adoptive or step-parent of the child

Other Aspects to Note

  • If your child is above 18 years old – You must ensure that your child is continuously enrolled as a full-time student and entirely dependent on you. Or that your child has a physical disability that does not allow them to live and work independently.
  • If you plan to sponsor your adoptive child – You can sponsor your adoptive child under the 802 visa Australia, but with certain conditions. Otherwise, you can consider lodging the Adoption Visa (subclass 102).
  • If you plan to sponsor your stepchild – You can sponsor your stepchild, but they must be the stepchild of your former partner, not your current partner. Your former partner must show an Australian parenting order requiring the child to live with and be cared for by them or guardianship or custody under Australian or foreign law.
  • For children under 18 years old – The Department of Home Affairs will only grant the child visa if:
    • The child’s home country’s laws permit them to leave,
    • The child has the written consent of every person who can legally decide where they live or
    • It complies with any Australian child orders regarding the child.

How to lodge Australian Child Visa

How to Lodge Australian Child Visa: Step by Step

You are required to pass several steps including ensuring your eligibility and posting all documents by paper to the relevant processing authority. The details are as follows:

1. Choose the Visa Subclass and Ensure Your Child’s Location

If you choose the 802 visa Australia, you must get your child onshore first. This step is crucial because you must select the visa correctly and ensure your child can enrol as a full-time student in Australia. If you’re unsure, consult with me or my team to get the best visa option.

If you choose the 101 visa Australia, you do not need to get your child onshore. Your responsibility is to ensure your child meets the eligibility criteria while staying offshore.

2. Check the Eligibility Criteria

You’ve got the complete requirements above. You can move to the next step if you and your child have met all requirements. But if you’re still unsure, call us for an immediate initial assessment.

3. Collect All Documents

Considering the high number of required documents, gathering them as soon as possible is best.

What documents are required to lodge an Australian Child Visa?

  1. Identity documents with photographs.
  2. Evidence of dependency on parents.
  3. Eligible sponsor documents.
  4. Medical check documents for health requirements.
  5. Character documents (if the applicant is above 16 years old).

4. Post Documents to the Child Visa Processing Centre

Be noted that the Australian Child Visa is a paper-based application. It means that after gathering the essential documents, including the sponsor’s requirements, you must post all documents to the Australian Child Visa Processing Centre.

Can your child lodge an Australian Child Visa if they have a visa refusal or overstay history?

It depends on the refusal and overstay case that your child faces. In some cases, the refusal or overstay case might not allow the applicant to lodge any visas onshore or even ban the applicant from re-entering the country.

ONE derland Consulting will Ease Your Australian Child Visa Journey.

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