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Australian Migration Program Planning 2019 – 2020


Australian Migration Program Planning 2019 – 2020

Australia is a nation built on immigration, which means that Australia has diverse backgrounds, skills and experience. Despite the diversity, Australia has managed to turn it into the benefits for the nation. Australia would not be able to manage everything so well, if it didn’t set a well-planned migration program to bridge and serve the nation’s interest. Australian migration policies and plans are therefore crucial to the present day and future Australia. Australian migration policies enable the country to grow both economically and socially, by welcoming migrants and empowering them to become part of the Australian community. The migration program planning is created on annual bases in order to ensure immigration continues to serve the national interest and the interests of all Australians in the coming year.

What is Australia’s migration program planning 2019-2020?

Immigration has been a core part of Australia as a nation. The strong economic contribution of immigration is the result of a well-managed approach to migration, with a focus on skilled migrants to help grow and keep the economy running.

Highly skilled migrants support the labour market, ameliorate the effects of an ageing population, and contribute to domestic tax revenue.

Dominating almost 70% of the total migration plan for FY 2019-2020, skilled visas are still the most popular way to migrate to Australia. 

The remaining 32 % is allocated for the family category, children category, special eligibility, and ministerial intervention.  

The migration program planning is set in order to achieve a range of economic and social outcomes.

This program planning is divided into some different streams and changes every year. The total places available for 2019 – 2020 is 160.000. 

Australian Migration Program Planning 2019-2020

The streams are as following:

Skill Stream

Improves the productive capacity of the economy and fills skill shortages in the labour market, including those in the regional Australia and makes up to 68% of the total migration program plan. 

Places available: 108,682 

The skill stream consists of the following categories:

  1. Employer Sponsored – fills identified skill shortages in the medium to long term. Places available: 30,000;
  2. Skilled Independent – addresses Australia’s long term labour market needs by expanding its human capital through young, highly skilled migrants with advanced English language proficiency. Places available: 18,652;
  3. State/Territory and Regional Nominated – supports labour market needs by providing skilled migration specifically for states and territories. Places available: 23,000;
  4. Business Innovation and Investment Program – encourages economic activity by increasing entrepreneurial talent and diversifying business expertise in Australia. Places available: 6,862;
  5. Global Talent – Designed to attract skilled migrants at the top of their field to Australia. The program will bring the best talent from around the world, using employer sponsored, skilled visas, and distinguished talent visas.  Places available: 5,000;
  6. Distinguished Talent – benefits Australia by attracting people who have an internationally recognized record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in a profession, sports, arts, academia and research. Places available: 200.

Skill Stream Australian Migration Program Planning 2019-2020

Family Stream 

Allows Australian citizen and permanent residents to reunite with close family members, including partners, certain dependent relatives and provide them with pathways to citizenship. Place available: 47,732.

The family stream consists of the following categories:

  1. Partner – allows Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealanders to sponsor their partner to live in Australia;
  2. Parent – allows Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealanders to sponsor their parents to live in Australia;
  3. Other Family – allows family members to sponsor carers, remaining relatives or aged dependent relatives to live in Australia.Family Stream Australian Migration Program Planning 2019-2020

Special Eligibility 

As you may have guessed from the name, this is a broad category which provides visas for those in special circumstances that do not fit into other streams, including permanent residents returning to Australia after a period away.

The special eligibility is the smallest component of the overall permanent migration program.

This also includes visas granted under ministerial intervention.

If you used to serve in the Australian Defence Force and wants to live in Australia as permanent resident, your visa would also be under this category.  Place available: 236. 

Child Category 

Visas within the category allow the children of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens migrate permanently to the country.

The Child visa comprises two categories, which is child, orphan relative, and adoption visas.

Estimated Place available: 3,350, however the category is not subject to a ceiling.

If you found yourself eligible in one of previously mentioned categories, do not miss the opportunity to be part of Australian life style and maybe you have exactly those skills what Australia is missing.

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