PARTNER VISA – Reunite with Your Partner With Australian Partner Visa

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Are you now in a long-distance relationship with your partner? Do you want to bring your partner to stay together with you in Australia? Well, then you should consider applying for an Australia Partner Visa.

If you are the partner of an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, you are eligible to apply for an Australia Partner Visa.

Depending on one’s situation, there are many types of Australia partner visa, such as Prospective marriage visa (subclass 300), Onshore Partner Visa (subclass 801 and 820) and Offshore Partner Visa (subclass 309 and 100).

What are the difference? Which one am I eligible for? Well let’s break down each one of them.

Partner Visa subclass 300

Australia partner visa subclass 300 allows the partner of an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident to come and live in Australia for 9 months and get married with their partner before applying for a Australia Partner Visa.

  • Applicant has to be engaged with their Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident partner.
  • Intend to get married within 9 months of the grant date of the visa.
  • Genuinely intend to live together as a married couple.
  • Australia Partner visa subclass 300 must be applied from outside Australia and the applicant must be outside Australia at the time of decision.
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Onshore Partner Visa subclass 820

Australia partner visa subclass 801 allows the de facto partner or the spouse of an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or New Zealand Citizen to live in Australia permanently.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​The applicant must hold the temporary partner visa subclass 820 when applying for this visa.
  • The applicant must continue to be in a marriage or de facto relationship with their Australian partner.
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