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Australian Visa Regulation Changes July 2020


July 2020 is Coming! Changes You Need to Know for Your Australian Visa

Are you one of a million migrants who would like to stay permanently in AustraliaAre you still waiting for your visa outcome? Do you know there will be a lot of changes for this year? Are you ready to face the new regulations for your Australian visa application? 

Last month Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the Australia border would not be likely to open its borders soon, maybe not even until the middle of 2021 and to make the matter worse the total migration intake may fall by about 85% next year. 

Every July or at the start of the new financial year, the Department of Home Affairs will have some regulation changes in regards to Australian visas. This will affect most of the Australian visa applications, you will need to be aware of this, so you can prepare everything to make your visa application successful. 

We have summarized some of the regulation changes below.

General Skilled Visa and Working Visa Changes July 2020

For you who wish to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Program. The July 2020 skilled visa changes is important to understand. As this will affect your Skilled Visa application. New South Wales has opened the nomination for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa subclass 491 on 15 June 2020 and they will close all nominations on 23 June 2020. 

For Skilled visa program applicants in Victoria, from July 2020 Victoria, one of the bigger areas has closed all visa 190 and 491 applications as all the quota has been filled for this year.

Some occupation lists are also changing. For example, for Western Australia, the occupation for Registered Nurse (Mental Health) is now closed. 

There are two new occupations added, which are Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Physicist.

There are some good news for skilled visa applicants, Some farm workers will find it easier to work in Australia as the farmers can sponsor them to work on their farms, and the Government has loosened the English requirements. The workers themselves can be a maximum of 50 years old, and their IELTS should be a minimum of 5. 

This is a very good chance for migrants as this can be used as the pathway to becoming a Permanent Resident.

Student Visa Changes July 2020

As you may know every student visa will be different and it is based on the assessment level. Some high-risk countries, such as Pakistan, Nepal, India, and other countries on a level 3, will find it harder to get student visa. From July 2020 The assessment will be stricter for these countries, so they need to provide compelling documents to show that they are genuine. 

In regards to the new financial requirements that will take effect from July 2020, the parents who support their children should have an income of at least AUD $62,222 compared to last year, which was AUD $60,000. The living cost has been increased as well from AUD $20,000 to AUD $21,000 to stay up to 12 months.

Parent Visa Changes July 2020

This year would be a good time to bring your parents to Australia. With the introduction of the new visa subclass 870, you can still bring your parents for up to 5 years. The Department has provided about 15,000 quotas for parents to come each year.


Partner Visa Changes July 2020

If you are the applicant for Partner Visa in 2020, you must be wondering what’s going on with your partner visa application. The processing time has changed to 21-28 months for onshore applications and 13-17 months for the offshore application. This can even take longer, depending on each case. Therefore, you need to update your application regularly.

As well as all the above’s information every July as the new financial year starts, the Department of Home Affairs usually increases the visa application fee. We will update you immediately once the Department has published the latest fees.

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