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Consequence of Bogus False Documents for Australian Visa

Consequence of Bogus False Documents for Australian Visa

The consequence of Bogus or False Documents for Australian Visa

Ever thinking of submitting bogus or false documents for Australian Visa application?

Think again!

When applying for an Australian visa whether its Australian Working Visa, Skilled Visa or Partner Visa it is crucial, to be honest, upfront and thorough.

The study that the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will undertake on your Australian Visa application is complete and comprehensive.

And should you submit bogus or false documents for Australian visa application, it is extremely likely that the Case Officer will be able to determine if your submissions are fraudulent.

By submitting fraudulent documents with your Australian Visa application, your Australia visa application may be refused.

If a member of your family has made a visa application to come to Australia and submitted false documentation, it could also affect your Australian visa application.

If you present fraudulent documentation to your application, your family members who wish to apply for a visa may also have their visa affected because of your actions.

If you have any family dependents listed on your application containing misleading information and fraudulent documents and your visa has been refused, your dependents will not be granted entry to Australia.

If you provide false or misleading documents with your Australian visa application for Australia, you may also have a ban placed upon preventing you from being granted an Australian visa for three years.

If you have a current visa and you are found to have lodged false or misleading documentation to the Department of Home Affairs, the department may cancel your visa requiring you to leave Australia and if you are permitted to, apply for a new visa from offshore.

If the Department of Home Affairs believes you have submitted false documents with your application, they will then notify you of their findings and require you to make comments on the false documentation within a specific period (generally 28 days).

If false documents are found and your arguments for submitting these false documents are deemed to be invalid, you may be given the option to appeal the decision via the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT).

If you have recently had your visa application refused or are concerned your application is heading towards a refusal because of false and/or misleading information and documents submitted, you may like to consider contacting ONE derland Consulting.

A visa application requires detailed and complete applications to be granted. Do not toy with your application, when there is a highly professional and trusted migration agent to help you avoid visa rejection. ONE derland Consulting has years’ worth of experience in all matter of visas, including skilled and employer-sponsored programs.

Indah Melindasari, our principal migration agent (MARN: 0961448), is an experienced agent with the one-decade worth of experience dealing with working and employer-sponsored visas. As a registered Australian migration agent with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), we are regulated in our professional practice and are bound by the profession’s Code of Conduct issued by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Take the first leap and get in touch with us. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will help make your dreams come true. Contact us through email at [email protected] or via phone at 08 9477 5831 (Perth), 02 9188 2065 (Sydney) or 03 9088 4114 (Melbourne).

Published On: May 3rd, 2016 / Categories: General Info /

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