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Parent Visa Case Study : Complex Case Application


Parent Visa Case Study: Complex Case of Parent Visa Application with Solutions

Speaking about a parent visa is always an interesting thing. It must be hard for every parent to live apart from their children. As a child, you must be worried about their health and well-being. You want to provide all the best so your parent can live with you and your family. Therefore, a parent visa is an answer.

Applying for a parent visa application is not as easy as flipping hands. You need to meet all the eligibility criteria to be able to get the visa granted. Then, how if you or your parent have a complex case? What should you do to bring your parent to Australia?

ONE derland Consulting has more than 10 years of experience when it comes to parent visa applications. We’ve handled hundreds of visa applications with various complex cases. One of our clients, Costa, has a complex case in regards to his circumstances with his father. Below are his story and the solutions that we offered to him.

Costa’s Story:

Costa and his Brother Joe lived in Australia. Costa owned his own business with his brother Joe.

In November 2015 Costa’s mother passed away. Costa flew back to Greece for the funeral.

Upon arriving in Greece he noticed that his dad looked tired and disheveled and he began to worry about what would become of his father now that he was all alone.

After 50 years of marriage, Costa wasn’t sure his dad would be able to cope. It would mean many trips back to Greece to ensure his dad was doing okay.

A year had passed and Costa visited his father as often as possible but Costa and Joe’s business was extremely busy and this meant that they had almost no time to spare to be able to fly back and forth.

It was becoming too hard and Costa’s father was barely coping alone. He had spiraled into depression and would often tear up in conversations with his children.

Costa thought about his options. He could move back to Greece.

The business was doing well and he could rely on Joe to take care of things in Australia, but that would mean uprooting his children from school and they were at an age now where they had established friendships and had their own social lives.

There was also his wife to think about too, she had her own small upholstery business and could not just up and leave like that!

The only other option was to bring his father to Australia.

Costa didn’t know much about migrating parents to Australia, all he knew was that he needed to do something. So he began to research and found that there was a lot more to it than just getting on a plane and paying for a visa.

There were certain criteria that needed to be met for both him and his father.

Parent Visa Case Study

There was the health requirements, assurance of support, the balance of family test, and character requirements.

Costa needed his dad to be able to migrate as soon as possible, he was elderly and Costa worried about the length of time it could take.

Then there was the cost to think about, it was a lot of money to pay, and what if his father didn’t like it in Australia and wanted to go back home?

What if he wanted to visit Greece again? Could he go? Then there was the cost of supporting his father also.

Could he really afford it with 2 mortgages to pay and school fees for the children? What if his father got sick?

He was elderly and could possibly have some health issues in the future. How would he be able to help if something was to happen?

It all seemed so confusing and overwhelming to Costa and he was not sure that he knew exactly what he was doing.

During Costa’s research he came across ONE derland Consulting.

He contacted our office for some advice and then decided it would be best to appoint an agent to assist.

Meeting with Indah Melindasari

Costa met with Indah Melindasari, the senior migration agent at ONE derland Consulting.

Finally, he felt like he was getting the answers he needed. There were many different types of Parent visas that Costa was not aware of and they all had different processing times and eligibility.

Indah advised Costa his best option would be to apply for the Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 884).

This was a temporary visa that could be applied for outside of Australia and would allow Costa’s father to live in Australia for up to 2 years. Once Costa’s father had settled in and before two years passed they could then apply for the permanent Contributory Aged Parent visa (subclass 864).

The benefit of applying for the Parent visa in 2 parts was that the cost could be spread over a number of years, meaning Costa would not have to outlay a large sum of money immediately and this class of visa would allow Costa’s father to enroll in Australia’s health care scheme, Medicare, which would be of great benefit to Costa’s father considering his age and any health problems that may arise.

It also meant that should Costa’s father decide he wanted to go back to Greece to holiday he would be able to travel as many times as he wanted to, within that 2 two year period.

The other benefit of applying for the temporary visa first was that it would give Costa’s father a chance to see what his life would be like living in Australia for two years. If Costa’s father decided he did not want to live in Australia permanently then they would not need to apply for pay for the permanent visa which is a lot of money to outlay.

The thing that pleased Costa most was that his father would be able to apply for the Australian aged pension on the permanent visa.

He knew how proud his father was and how he liked his independence. It would help a lot financially. Also for his father to be able to have his own money he would be able to keep his independence and not feel like a burden on his children.

So it was decided this would be the visa pathway he would like to take but he needed to ensure that they met all of the criteria.

Financial Responsibility

There are many financial and other responsibilities you must be able to adhere to if you want to sponsor your parents to migrate to Australia. These include:

  1. Support
  2. Accommodation
  3. Financial assistance

There are also additional eligibility requirements for the applicant if they do not already hold a Contributory Aged Parent Temporary Visa.

Finally, the application was ready and lodged and now it was only a matter of time before Costa would be aware of the outcome.

Within 2 years, his father’s application was granted and his father came to live permanently with Costa his family in Australia.

Needless to say, his father is doing well now and seems to have a new lease on life and spring in his steps.

The grandchildren keep him on his toes and he is always busy with activities, like fishing and camping with the kids.

Costa couldn’t be happier having his dad so close to him now where he can keep an eye on him and know that he’s doing well.

parent visa case study

Summary of Parent Visa Case Study.

Problem 1:

Costa could not wait for a long period of time such as 30 years for a visa to be processed as his dad was aged.

Solution 1:

Costa had learned that there were many different types of visas available for his father to migrate and that they all had different processing times

Problem 2:

Costa’s father was elderly and he could require medical treatment. Medical treatment for a foreigner can be costly.

Solution 2:

Costa was able to apply for a visa that would allow his father to enroll in the Australian Medicare scheme meaning that the cost for medical treatment would be covered.

Problem 3:

The cost to migrate his father to Australia was very high and he was worried if he paid the money and his father no longer wanted to live in Australia it would be money down the drain.

Solution 3:

Costa was able to apply for the visa in 2 parts meaning the cost would be spread over a number of years and this would give his father time to see if he wanted to remain in Australia before applying and paying for the permanent visa.

It also allowed his father to be able to travel as much as he wanted so he would be able to visit Greece should he ever feel homesick.

Problem 4:

Costa became very confused and overwhelmed when researching visas. He was not sure exactly what he was supposed to do or what was considered as eligible or not. He was confused about what documents he would need and what his father would need.

Solution 4:

One derland consulting assisted Costa with understanding the visa process and requirements. They assisted with the application from start to finish ensuring that Costa and his Father were kept up to date and that the application was of a high standard to be submitted.

This allowed Costa to have peace of mind.

What You Can Learn From The Parent Visa Case Study : Don’t Risk For Parent Visa Refusal!

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