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What Can Cause Your Australian Spouse Visa Refused?


Mistake That Can Cause Your Australian Spouse Visa Refused

A couple’s happiness relies on a partner visa (also known as a spouse visa) being granted; so it is very important to get the application right first time. Knowing what can cause your Australian spouse visa refused tremendously help your odds getting your spouse visa granted right the first time.

In this article I’m going to tell you the common mistakes people make when applying for a Australian spouse visa, and how to minimize that risk.

Nine times out of ten, a partner visa is refused because immigration are not convinced of the couple’s love for each other.

They have reason to believe that the love is not genuine and one is just trying to get permanent residency in Australia whatever way they can.

The belief that the relationship isn’t genuine is often because people don’t attach as much evidence of the relationship as is actually required; or something small like a key date in the applicant’s application does not match a date in their sponsor’s application.

The other times a spouse visa is refused is usually because applicants are not aware of their obligations to immigration and miss deadlines in their submissions, or they do not respond satisfactorily to further information requests once their application has been submitted.  

Every mistake we have come across is rooted in the fact that people have not consulted with an experienced, registered migration agent.

If you submit an application for a complex application like a partner visa without the help of an experienced migration agent, the risk of visa refusal is very high.

And worse, you won’t know the cause your Australian spouse visa refused.

Thus make the second chance of getting Austrlaian spouse visa seems not even possible.

We have had couples come to us after previously hiring inexperienced migration agents to do their application, and have come away with no visa.

Having spent literally thousands of dollars on fees and visa charges.

Inexperienced migration agents just don’t know the ins and outs and the level of detail required to have a successful partner visa.

This is an awful situation to be in not only because of the wasted money, but because of the wasted time and effort.

Temporary and Permanent Partner visas take a long time to prepare, and then years to be granted or to be refused.

Couples come to us with such heartache as they continue to be separated from each other.

Other couples have come to us after a first attempt where they tried to apply by themselves.

Again, this lead to prolonged heartache when they receive a letter from immigration saying that their Australian spouse visa had been refused on grounds that they do not believe the love and dedication to each other is genuine.

Once they hire us as their trusted migration agent and understand the level of detail that is required about their relationship, they are always shocked.

It can seem very invasive and unnatural to some couples to tell Immigration about special moments in their relationship.

The couples tend to be surprised at the number of photos required to prove they have travelled together, or have met each other’s families.

They have to prove they have been in contact during any periods of separation, which then means they have to submit great amount of private whatsapp/messenger chats to Immigration.

Applicants going alone, and inexperienced migration agents rarely have a successful spousal visa application.

You and they do not know exactly what Immigration are looking for, how to strengthen the weaknesses of your case, (or what the weaknesses are in the first place!), or understand the migration laws in depth.

We know all of this and the strategy of how to have a successful spouse visa.

We have many years’ experience with all kinds of visa applications and have seen every possible scenario or set-back.

Our Senior Migration Agent, Indah Melindasari is very experienced in all cases like straight forward first time applicants, and very importantly, visa refusal cases.

From the standard refusals on grounds of not believing the love is genuine; all the way to more challenging cases where a refusal has been given because of forged documentation in the previous application!

No matter what your scenario, Indah has come across it before and knows the strategy of getting your next application approved.

This wealth of experience on rectifying other’s mistakes and seeing how not to do the application has allowed Indah to become an expert on the way to do it.

Many applicants come to us with a strategy of their own, not realizing that what makes perfect sense to them is actually damaging their chances of being granted the visa.

By having private consultation with Indah, you will get reassurance that your application can be approved, and you’ll get expert advice on all angles of the process and the required documentation.

Your visa is 99% certain of being approved if you go one step further and actually hire Indah and her team as your migration agent.

ONE derland Consulting has had many couples come to us after their first application was refused, and we know how upsetting, frustrating and disheartening it can be.

We know exactly what to put in to your next application, (and what to keep out of it!) so immigration will change their decision.

If you know for sure you want to hire a visa agent, or would just like to find out more, please contact us on 08 9477 5831, or talk to us on the chat function at the bottom right of each page on our website.

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