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Changes in Student Visa Australia Assessment Level for High Risk Countries

Changes in Student Visa Australia Assessment Level Framework Making It Easier For High Risk Countries to Apply.

A significant change to the Student visa Australia assessment from high risk countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Nepal and Bangladesh are assessed in Australia have taken effect since March 22, 2014.

Student visa applications were previously assessed according to the stringent assessment level 4 and 5 criteria of the Student Visa Assessment Level Framework 2013. Now, as of March 22, 2014 the fourth and fifth assessment levels have been removed from the framework for international students originating from high risk countries.

The change means that students would be required to show a lesser amount of money than in the past in order to gain entry to Australia for study purposes.

All countries that were previously listed as assessment level 4 or 5 are now listed as assessment level 3 or less.

This means that prospective Student visa holders are now required to provide evidence of funds for 12 months study in Australia instead of 18 months on making their visa application.

Benefits of removing assessment level 4 and assessment level 5 means that less evidence of English language proficiency, financial capacity and previous study is required to be provided to the Department of Immigration & Border Protection to be granted a Student visa.

As a result the assessment level framework now comprises of three assessment levels with former assessment level 4 and 5 countries/sectors reduced to assessment level 3.

Students from higher risk countries are now able to apply for a Student visa with up to AUD $20,000 less in the bank.

This is great news for students from higher risk countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and more.

Published On: May 4th, 2016 / Categories: Student Visa_en /

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