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Changes to Australian Visitor Visa in April 2019

Changes to Australian Visitor Visa in April 2019

Changes to Australian Visitor Visa in April 2019

From the 17th of April 2019 there is new changes to Australian visitor visa that had been applied. The Migration Amendment (Biosecurity Contraventions and Importation of Objectionable Goods) Regulations 2019 gives decision-makers the power to shorten or cancel a visitor visa at biosecurity immigration clearance.

This means if you are found to have undeclared prohibited goods, on your persons or in your luggage, you may have your visa cancelled on the spot, and not be allowed to enter Australia.

For those whose visa is cancelled under these circumstances, will be forced to depart Australia, and will face a 3 year re entry ban, meaning they are not eligible to apply for another visa or return to Australia for 3 full years.

It is important to be aware when you are travelling overseas of the items that cannot be brought in and those that need to have permission or be declared.

For free duty free there is also a limit for goods, alcohol and tobacco or cigarettes.

Items that are prohibited can include fruits, both fresh and dried, meats of the fresh or dried variety, dairy, and vegetable products to name a few. Other prohibited items can include certain substances, tobacco, market goods, medicines and many more.

It is important to know what you are not allowed to bring in to the country, to avoid heavy penalties and possible cancellation of your visa. It is just as important to declare any prohibited goods you may have. This shows you are not trying to mislead the biosecurity immigration clearance.

If you would like some further information, or you are not sure if items you would like to bring may be prohibited, contact us today at ONE derland Consulting today. With over 10 years’ experience in complex migration applications, our prime agent Indah Melindasari will be able to assist you with your Visitor Visa application.

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