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173 Visa – Contributory Parent Temporary Visa

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Updated July 2023
Obtaining a Contributory Parent Visa (Temporary) Subclass 173

This is a temporary visa for a parent to stay temporarily in Australia. The parent should be sponsored by a settled child in Australia, who is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. You can live, work or study in Australia for two years. After this visa is granted, you can then move on to apply for the Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143, to reside permanently in Australia.

Contributory Parent Temporary Visa Subclass 173 Basic Eligibility

There are several basic eligibility that you must meet, such as:

  • be sponsored by an eligible child who is an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, and is settled and usually resident in Australia;
  • if your child is under 18 years old, then an eligible relative or community organisation (who is still related to your child) can sponsor you;
  • must meet the balance-of-family test;

You must also meet all visa conditions, including the health and character requirements.

Eligibility Criteria to be a Sponsor for 173 Visa

Sponsors for Visa 173 applications must also meet several requirements, including:

  • be an Australian citizen/Australian permanent resident/eligible New Zealand citizen 
  • resident and usually residing in Australia
  • aged 18 years or  over

Generally, only children can sponsor their parents in a 173 Visa application.

As a sponsor, you are obliged to provide support in the form of accommodation and financially for the first 2 years the 173 Visa holder resides in Australia.

Visa 173 Application Assessment Process

The Australian Department of Home Affairs assesses applications for this visa in 2 stages:

  • Check eligibility and add the application to the queue or reject it.
  • Continue assessing applications as places become available and make a decision.

Do not arrange to live permanently in Australia until your visa has been granted. The Australian Department of Home Affairs will notify you in writing if your Visa application is granted or granted.

Benefits of Holding a Visa 173

Some of the things that you will get when holding a 173 Visa are:

  • live in Australia for 2 years
  • work and study in Australia
  • enroll in the Australian government health program, medicare
  • submit a visa application 143 – Contributory Parent Visa

You can also include family members (spouse or children) to the 173 Visa application.

How Much Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 173 Visa Cost?

Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 173 Visa Fee to The Department of Home Affairs 2023

This visa costs from AUD 32,340 per applicant.

There are two installments for this visa. You have to pay the first installment in the amount of AUD 3,210 when you apply, and you can pay the second installment in the amount of AUD 29,130 when The Department of Home Affairs asks you to.

Also keep in mind that the above visa fees may change in July each year.

Besides the above payment, you might also have to pay other costs for health checks, police certificates and biometrics, if there is a request for your application.

ONE derland Consulting Agency Fee

Our agency fee costs for Contributory Parent visa around $4,500 AUD – $6,000 AUD plus GST per applicant, depending on the case complexity.

The processing time for Contributory Parent Visa application

The demand for these visas is greater than the number of places available each year. As a result, the processing time for these applications can be long.

Applications for a new Contributory Parent (Temporary) visa can take at least 12 years to process based on the current level of planning.

Your application may take longer to process if:

  • You did not fill out the application form correctly;
  • You do not include all the documents required or further information is required from you; and/or
  • your information is taking a long time to be verified.

Frequently Asked Questions For Contributory Parent visa Subclass 173

ONEderland Consulting managing director and also registered migration agent, Indah Melindasari, B.Com (MARN 0961 448) is here to answer your questions!

  • What does it mean with the balance of family test?
    • As that is one of the basic requirements for applying Contributory Parent visa subclass 173, it means that you must have at least half of your children and step-children are eligible children, or there are more eligible children living in Australia than any other single country.
  • Can I stay longer with Contributory Parent visa?
    • This visa allows you to stay in Australia for two years only, but you can stay permanently by applying for a Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143) before your subclass 173 visa expires.
    • Please kindly check your eligibility before you apply for visa subclass 143.
  • Who can sponsor me for Contributory Parent visa?
    • You must be sponsored by an eligible child who is a settled Australian citizen, Australian Permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand citizen.
    • They are settled if they have lived lawfully in Australia for at least 2 years, while the Australian citizen are considered to be a settled one after 3 months staying legally in Australia after their citizenship.
  • Am I eligible for Contributory Parent visa if I have a visa refusal in the past?
    • The previous refusal might have specific reason on why your previous application was rejected.
    • Basically, you still can apply for the Contributory Parent Temporary Visa Subclass 173 as long as you meet all the requirements and you have an eligible sponsor.
  • Should I be onshore when applying for this Contributory Parent visa?
    • You can be in or outside Australia when applying for this visa.
    • However, you would need to be outside Australia while the Department gives you the decision.
  • Can I include my family member in my application?
    • Yes, you can include your family members to your application when you apply.
    • They would need to meet the character and health requirements as well.
  • Does my child as my sponsor need to provide Assurance of Support (AoS) for this application?
    • As this is the temporary visa, the sponsor doesn’t need to provide AoS.

5 Steps to Apply for a Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 173

First step: Check your eligibility and visa requirements

Before applying for this visa, you have to check your eligibility and make sure you have met all the requirements for the application.

Some of the basic requirements are that you must meet the balance-of-family test and you must be sponsored by an eligible child who is a settled Australian citizen, Australian Permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand citizen.

Second step: Collect All Documents

After making sure you meet all the criteria, it’s time for you to collect all the documents needed for the 173 Visa application. You must prepare all documents including documents belonging to family members who also participate in the 173 Visa application as well as documents from your sponsor.

Third step: Submit a Visa 173 Application

After all the documents are ready, you can submit the 173 Visa application. Please note that the 173 Visa application must be made by submitting all hard copies of the required documents. All of these documents must be sent by post to the Parent Visa Processing Center in Perth. You can find the address of this office on the application form for visa 173.

Also, you must pay the first payment of this visa fee before sending all documents to the office address concerned.

In this process, there will be two stages of assessment, namely:

  • First, the Department will check your eligibility. If you meet all the criteria and your documents are complete, then your application will be added to the queue list. Otherwise, your application will be returned or rejected
  • Second, if your application has entered the queue list, your application will enter the next assessment process when a place is available.

Fourth step: After 173 Visa Application is Submitted

At this point, the Australian Department of Home Affairs will continue the process of assessing your 173 Visa application. The Australian Department of Home Affairs will send requests for additional documents or information when required. They will also send a request for the second installment payment of the visa fee when they are ready to make a decision on your 173 Visa application.

All of these notifications will be sent via email. So, make sure you always check your email regularly.

Fifth Step: Final Decision for Visa Application 173

From 24 March 2021, you can receive a final decision on your 173 Visa application in Australia, if:

  • You submitted your 173 Visa application before March 24, 2021, and
  • You are in Australia on 24 March 2021, and
  • Your Visa application is approved or granted before the end of the concession period, and
  • You are in Australia when the final decision on your visa is issued.

If you do not meet the above criteria then you must be outside Australia.

If the final decision on your 173 visa is granted, the Australian Immigration Department will provide information regarding:

  • Your grant visa number
  • The date your Visa starts to be active
  • Your Visa Conditions

If your final 173 Visa decision is rejected, the Australian Department of Immigration will provide information regarding:

  • The reason your Visa was refused
  • Do you have the right to appeal or not

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