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10 Secrets of Writing Convincing Statement Letters for Partner Visa Application

10 Secrets of Writing Convincing Statement Letters for Partner Visa Application

Statement Letters for Partner Visa. Here is The Ultimate Guideline for You.

Statement letter is one of the required documents for applying to all Partner Visa (subclass 300, subclass 801, subclass 820, subclass 309, and subclass 100). But, do Did you know that a lot of Australian Partner Visa refusal happens because of terribly written statement letters for the Partner Visa application?

Do you know that Australian Partner Visa is one of the most expensive visas in Australia? It will cost you at least AUD7,715, and this price might increase each year.

Are you sure to risk all this money with handling the visa application on your own? Think about it again! If it got refused, you would need to appeal the decision, and it won’t cost you a cheap price! It will cost you $1,826 AUD and moreover, it might take a year to process. Isn’t it money and time consuming?

That is why Australian Partner Visa applications are very complex and require attention to detail as well as consistency.

As a Partner Visa applicant, you, together with your partner, must provide several things that prove your relationship is genuine to support your statement letter.

Why is that important? Well, a convincing and written-in-details statement letter can boost your chance of getting a Partner Visa.

Considering how essential the statement letters is, here are ten tips for writing convincing statement letters for Partner Visa application:

Partner Visa 10 Tips For Writing A Convincing Statement Letter

10 Secrets Of Convincing Statement Letter For Partner Visa Application

1. Include all the relevant dates of your relationship

Partner visa statement letter should be detailed, so remember to put all relevant dates of your relationship. For example, if you are applying for a partner visa, the exact date you met, the exact date you started dating, and the exact date you were engaged or married with your partner must be included. You can see the example below as your reference:

I first met Kevin on 18 March 2017 at our mutual friends’ (Sebastian) wedding ceremony. Kevin approached me first and asked me how I got to know Sebastian. We had a great conversation at the time and decided to have our first lunch together on 21 March 2017 at McDonald Jimbaran, Bali.

All dates of your relationship are essential and need to be seen by the case officer in assessing your application.

If you don’t include this information, it may lead the authority to ask you more questions and to provide further documentation.

And the worst case, it may also lead to a visa refusal.

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2. Ensure that all information you include in your letter is in great detail.

Elaborate in great detail on any significant moments that you and your partner have shared. The more detail you provide, the better for your application. For example:

After the lunch, Kevin and I went to Gellato Ice Cream Shop and got a mint chocolate gelato for us. It was a sunny beautiful day and we talked a lot about our life. I found Kevin is a hard working person when he said he had to work at 3 different places to fulfill all his needs when he was young. We took some pictures as well with our-accidentally-couple-outfit, blue shirt and white pants.

To know more about the documents needed in the partner visa application, you can refer to the article below:

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3. Ensure that your statement is consistent.

Make sure that your statement letters for Partner Visa application are consistent and information contained in your letters, including dates, is exactly the same as what you have put in your application forms.

Assuring your statement letter consistency will help to avoid any discrepancies in your application.

4. Be sure to make it free from spelling and grammar mistakes.

It is important to make your statement letter free from any grammar or spelling mistakes as it will help the case officer to clearly understand your relationship circumstances. Just imagine how it would look if you can’t spell your partner’s name in the right way, it will obviously look suspicious and be confusing for the case officer, right? So, ensure that you have spelled and explained everything correctly in your statement letter.

Also, ensure that you explain in your statements if you call your partner by a different name. For example, “I refer to Chun Lee as Sally”, will help the case officer to understand that you’re talking about your partner and not someone else. For example:

Let me explain the rel