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10 Secrets of Writing Convincing Statement Letters for Partner Visa Application 2023


Statement Letters for Partner Visa. Here is The Ultimate Guideline for You.

A Statement letter is one of the required documents for applying to all Partner Visa (subclass 300, subclass 801, subclass 820, subclass 309, and subclass 100). But, do you know that a lot of Australian Partner Visa refusal happens because of terribly written statement letters for the Partner Visa application?

Do you know that Australian Partner Visa is one of the most expensive visas in Australia? It will cost you at least AUD8,085, and this price might increase each year.

Are you sure to risk all this money by handling the visa application on your own? Think about it again! If it got refused, you would need to appeal the decision, and it won’t cost you a cheap price! It will cost you $3,153 AUD and moreover, it might take a year to process. Isn’t it money and time-consuming?

That is why Australian Partner Visa applications are very complex and require attention to detail as well as consistency.

As a Partner Visa applicant, you, together with your partner, must provide several things that prove your relationship is genuine to support your statement letter.

Why is that important? Well, a convincing and written-in-details statement letter can boost your chance of getting a Partner Visa.

Considering how essential the statement letters are, here are ten tips for writing convincing statement letters for a Partner Visa application:

Partner Visa 10 Tips For Writing A Convincing Statement Letter

10 Secrets Of Convincing Statement Letter For Partner Visa Application

1. Include all the relevant dates of your relationship

Partner visa statement letter should be detailed, so remember to put all relevant dates of your relationship. For example, if you are applying for a partner visa, the exact date you met, the exact date you started dating, and the exact date you were engaged or married to your partner must be included. You can see the example below as your reference:

I first met Kevin on 18 March 2019 at our mutual friends’ (Sebastian) wedding ceremony. Kevin approached me first and asked me how I got to know Sebastian. We had a great conversation at the time and decided to have our first lunch together on 21 March 2019 at McDonald Jimbaran, Bali.

All dates of your relationship are essential and need to be seen by the case officer in assessing your application.

If you don’t include this information, it may lead the authority to ask you more questions and to provide further documentation.

And the worst case, it may also lead to a visa refusal.

If you wish to prepare a decision-ready partner visa application, please book a consultation here or call us on 1300 827 159.

2. Ensure that all information you include in your letter is in great detail.

Elaborate in great detail on any significant moments that you and your partner have shared. The more detail you provide, the better for your application. For example:

After lunch, Kevin and I went to Gelato Ice Cream Shop and got a mint chocolate gelato for us. It was a sunny beautiful day and we talked a lot about our life. I found Kevin is a hard-working person when he said he had to work at 3 different places to fulfil all his needs when he was young. We took some pictures as well with an our-accidentally-couple-outfit, blue shirt and white pants.

To know more about the documents needed in the partner visa application, you can refer to the article below:

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3. Ensure that your statement is consistent.

Make sure that your statement letters for the Partner Visa application are consistent and information contained in your letters, including dates, is exactly the same as what you have put in your application forms.

Assuring your statement letter consistency will help to avoid any discrepancies in your application.

4. Be sure to make it free from spelling and grammar mistakes.

It is important to make your statement letter free from any grammar or spelling mistakes as it will help the case officer to clearly understand your relationship circumstances. Just imagine how it would look if you can’t spell your partner’s name in the right way, it will obviously look suspicious and be confusing for the case officer, right? So, ensure that you have spelled and explained everything correctly in your statement letter.

Also, ensure that you explain in your statements if you call your partner by a different name. For example, “I refer to Chun Lee as Sally”, will help the case officer to understand that you’re talking about your partner and not someone else. For example:

Let me explain the relationship development of me and Lee Young Min, who I refer as Kevin (his English name). I first met Kevin on 18 March 2019 at our mutual friends’ (Sebastian) wedding ceremony.

5. Make sure that you elaborate on feelings and emotions.

The more you express your love for your partner, the better. Immigration wants to see that your relationship with your partner is serious and genuine. The example below can be your reference:

Since our first meeting, I believed Kevin is the one that I have been searching for. I feel like I have found the missing piece that completes my life. Despite all the storms that we have been facing, we would never let our ship sink.

Don’t be afraid to sound romantic or over the top. Remember, your statement is not going to be published for the world to see. So, don’t be embarrassed to include this information.

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6. Partner visa statement letters of yours and your partner need to match and be consistent.

The department of immigration will not look kindly on your relationship if you both have a different date you met, or different marriage or engagement date. The matching data and consistency between you and your partner are critical to show your relationship is real.

If you wish to get full assistance and successfully obtain your partner visa, please book a consultation here or call us on 1300 827 159.

Statement letters for partner visa

7. Ensure that any dates you mention in your partner visa statements letter match your formal documentation.

Dates such as divorces, tenancy agreements, engagement dates, marriage dates, and other important milestones like birthdays, are extremely important dates.

Any inconsistency between your statements, documents, and application, will lead the department to question the validity of your application.

8. Partner visa statement letter must include all the information required.

The required aspects of a partner visa are the information the department wants to know. These include:

  • Financial Aspects – include details on how you support each other, your financial goals as a couple, your employment aspirations, and if you share assets or accounts. For example:

    Kevin has been supporting me financially since the first day of our relationship began. He sends me funds regularly to fulfil my needs such as clothing, food, and others. Kevin told me to save my income for our future needs, for example for our dream wedding or for our children’s necessities.

  • Social Aspects – include information on the activities you do together and the interests you share. Elaborate on the social gatherings you attend together and the things you like to do.

    Kevin and I love to travel so much, so we spent most of our time travelling around Asia and Australia. We visited Tokyo Disneyland on our last trip because I have told Kevin many times how much I love Elsa from Frozen.

  • Commitment Aspects – Include as much detailed information as you can about how committed you are to each other. Elaborate on your future plans as partners.

    I am 100% committed to our relationship and I want to spend the rest of my life with Kevin. I always treat Kevin like a King and Kevin always treats me like the Queen of him. I never regret the decision to start this beautiful journey with Kevin and I am looking forward to a more beautiful journey with a happy ending.

  • Development aspects – you need to give an overall view of how your relationship has developed from friendship to dating to something more serious.

    Our relationship has been developing well since the first day. We get closer as time passes by and now I am sure Kevin is the right person who comes at the right time. I cannot wait to celebrate our wedding at the end of this year as it will be our happiest day.

Learn more on how to Prepare Australian Partner Visa.

9. Make sure you mention any time spent apart, how you communicated, and any trips or holidays you have taken together in your partner visa statement letter.

Make sure that you explain about your long-distance relationship with your partner as well, if you had it. You need to explain how you communicated or travelled to visit each other during the long-distance relationship period. Besides, the Australian immigration department will want to know all about your travel history, so ensure that you provide explanations for it.

10. Always get a proofread of your partner’s visa statement letter.

Get your partner or friends to read the statement for you. Sometimes you may miss errors that other people can see.

Do not underestimate the double-checking process on your statement letter and other related documents. It is aimed to avoid any inconsistent information or simple wrong spelling words. This process will guide you to a great and successful statement letter. It would be unfortunate if a little mistake ended up being so costly.

Download the example of the statement letter for the Partner Visa application

Other Important Things That Need Your Attention

It is a good start for you to follow all the secrets mentioned above. But, do not forget that you must pay attention to other things such as the efficiency, details, etc. of your statement letter.

You can pretend to be a third person that does not know about your relationship in checking the efficiency of your statement letter. You can see whether your statements are clear and understandable or not. If you find your statement hard to understand, it is better to revise your statement letter and create a simpler and more understandable explanation.

And when you explain your relationship circumstances, make sure you refer to the supporting documents because it will make your statement letter more convincing.

Other Important Things that Need Your Attention-1

I Need Help With My Australian Partner Visa Application.

Now you know how to write a convincing statement letter for a Partner Visa application.

But that is just the beginning.

Submitting your Partner Visa application by yourself is possible. But the risk of refusal is very high and will cost much more money than you’ve already paid.

With these facts in mind, the Australian immigration authorities suggest anyone who applies for a Partner Visa seek help from a registered migration agent.

It is a long, complicated and detailed process and if you and your partner dream of being together in Australia, then don’t risk the possibility of getting refused due to what could be a small misunderstanding or mistakes in the application or submission of documents.

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  6. A tailored document checklist will be provided. This checklist will be personalised based on your individual circumstances;
  7. We will prepare templates for all the supporting documents, such as Statutory Declarations, Affidavits, personal statements, etc;
  8. Your application will be prepared by our Registered Migration Agent who will go through your documents in more detail, anything missing will be identified and rectified;
  9. All of our partner visa applications are “Decision Ready”, what that means to you is faster processing time and very little risk of getting rejected or refused;
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