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Corona Extension Travel Ban Student From China


Corona Virus: Extension of Travel Ban For Chinese Student to Australia

The AHPPC (Australian Health Protection Principal Committee) has advised that the situation with Coronavirus in mainland China has not improved in the past two weeks.  Therefore, it has been agreed to extend the entry restrictions on foreign nationals who have recently been in mainland China for a further week from 15 February. The restrictions will be reviewed by AHPPC in one week time.

One of the Australian University, Deakin University with 3250 Chinese student visa holders, experiencing currently a large number, more than 1260 of Chinese students being stranded abroad and unable to enter Australia.

It has also been reported that the Department of Home Affairs stopped granting student visas to Chinese students from February 1, the day the travel ban was announced. They decided to suspend the issuing of their visas, leaving them uncertain about whether Australia will accept them. It risks turning a temporary problem for this country into a long-term one. 

The students being made to wait for these visas are new students due to begin their courses this year. They also among those students who are being advised to go somewhere else to study. The sensible approach would be to show some attention and provide the study plan to these students, however at the moment Australia has not issue any statement.

Also there is another confusion, Chinese nationals who recently married an Australian citizen or permanent resident have not been allowed to return during the China travel ban. Most individuals blocked from returning to Australia with their husband or wife during the ban did not hold partner visas, but other classes such as a student or work visa.  

The guidelines advised these individuals to first “clarify their visa status with the department” and not go to an airport with marriage documents, as many couples had been doing.  There is also no statement from the Department of Home Affairs about when cancelled visas will be reinstated and why the guidelines were not released when the travel ban was announced.

As a migration agent, we do understand that this situation is very frustrating.  Therefore, if you have any questions related to any other type of visa, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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