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Costs for Migrating to Australia 2013


Are you planning to work in Australia? Are you planning to make the move in 2013? There have been some adjustments made to the Australian visa fees that may concern you and your future Australian visa application.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship have released the proposed visa application charges to come into effect from 1 July 2013.

Under advised visa application charges, the first installment of visa application charges will now consist of:

  • a base application charge;
  • an added applicant charge for every additional dependent of the primary applicant (does not apply to all visa types); and
  • a sequential temporary application charge of $700.

The sequential temporary application charge of $700 will only apply to the appellant who is already in Australia and is the holder of a temporary visa that was granted in Australia. The charge will be applied when the applicant makes an application for another temporary visa after their initial visa. This $700 fee will not be applied to the initial temporary visa granted when you are in Australia.

Any applications lodged offline (a non-Internet application) will be billed a further $80. This fee will only apply to the following visas at first:

  • Five year Resident Return (subclass 155) visa;
  • Three month Resident Return (subclass 157) visa;
  • Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa;
  • Skilled (Recognised Graduate) (subclass 476) visa; and
  • Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa.

When it comes to making a visa application, there are also other costs involved not included in the application fees charged by the DIAC. Some of the costs you may incur could include some of the following:

  • Skills Assessment:
Approx. $300 AUD – $1,500 AUD
  • Medical Examination:
Approx. $300 AUD – $500 AUD
  • IELTS Test:
Approx. $330 AUD
  • Document Translations:
Approx. $30 AUD – $40 AUD per page

Another big question on your mind is probably “What is the cost of living in Australia”. To rent a four bedroom house for a family in the suburb of Waikiki, approximately 30 minutes south of the Perth CBD by train, you will be looking at paying approximately $400 per week. You will be able to purchase a second-hand family car (for example, an automatic Holden Commodore wagon) for under $10,000.

If you are a single applicant and would like to stay in Australia by yourself, the cost for renting a room (fully furnished) will cost between $130 – $220 per week depending the condition, type, facility and location of the house or apartment.  Most importantly, the closest of the place from the city, the more expensive is the cost for renting.

The living cost in terms of food will cost you between $50 – 150 per week, which depends on whether you buy the raw material and cook it at home or buy the ready-meal from the restaurant which is of course more expensive.  If you’re feeling a little bit fancy, a meal at McDonalds will cost you roughly $8.50 AUD. The restaurant meal will cost you between $15 – 30 per meal/portion.

Your utilities (water, electricity, etc.) may cost you approximately $700 AUD per quarter.

It is a wise decision to lodge your application via a migration agent. To do so with ONE derland Consulting, our professional fees range from $80 AUD to $10,000 AUD. As of July 2013, there have been no price rises in the ONE derland professional service fees.

For more information about the specific price rises made by the DIAC or information on all types of Australian visa applications and charges, you may visit our website: www.onederland.com.au or contact us directly on +61 8 9477 5831. You may also visit the DIAC website to view charges and information on visas: www.immi.gov.au.

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