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Having only a couple months to sort out my visa, Indah was such an excellent source to have in order to process everything correctly and in a quick manner. She provided the right tools to keep the process simple and user friendly with a professional manner. I would recommend Indah (ONE derland Consulting) for anyone seeking help on attaining a visa. I know if I ever need to apply for another visa, Indah will be the first person I contact! Thanks again for all your help!
Katie Blitz
We would like to say thank you so much for assisting me with my working visa application recently. I was so thrilled when you contacted me to advise that a company offered work with them. From then, everything went so quickly. We did all the skills assessment and preparation of my visa, and it was granted less than 6 months. There is nothing I can say, except thank you for helping me achieve my dream in this beautiful country. I would now like to ask for your help again to bring my partner to Australia. Thank you for keeping me updated with the progress and any changes to the rules. I am sure that many people are very happy with your service!
Fernando Gonzales
I will be forever grateful to Mbak Indah for taking care of my permanent visa application in Perth. It got approved faster than I thought and I am now happily residing in Australia with the freedom to pursue my dreams. I found ONE derland Consulting through a simple search from the migration agent database. I chose her because I felt I could trust her and because she gave me great advice and handled my application very professionally. She keeps you up to date and it has been a pleasure cooperating with her. I fully recommend her to anyone who is looking for migration consulting services, may it be a study visa, graduate, or permanent visa. You can’t get any better advice and representation than this.
Erwin Kurnadi
Thanks God for saving my life, and again Ms Indah acted very quickly, she straight away arranged all my paperwork and applied the visa within 2 days! shall recommend your service to everyone I met in Australia!
Alan Christier

2020 New SA DAMA Occupation Lists

2020 New SA DAMA Occupation Lists

2020 New Occupation Lists under SA DAMA

If you are someone who has your eyes set to live and work in the ‘Festival State’ of Australia, South Australia, this piece of news will be the highlight of your day. The state has put out a new occupation list SA DAMA. We’re talking about more opportunities for you who have skills and experiences in high tech sectors and agribusiness to work in Australia. 

Due to the growth of high tech sectors, agribusiness and food production sectors, there are some positions where the government is unable to fill with local workers. In October, following the first annual review for (Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMAs) the South Australian government added a couple of revisions to the occupational list. This addition has been added to attract more skilled migration with an overhaul of the DAMA Occupation List. One of the major changes is the new occupations list which will focus on sectors such as healthcare, manufacture, high tech, agribusiness and food production.   

Additional occupations concentrate on post-COVID recovery of the state. The goal of the SA DAMA Occupation Changes is to stimulate the Australian economy as the government can’t rely on domestic resources due to the global pandemic.

DAMA Occupation List

What is DAMA?

The South Australian Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a formal agreement between the Department of Home Affairs and the South Australian Government. This agreement allows employers in South Australia to sponsor those of you, skilled overseas workers to work in South Australia for roles that local workers are incapable of filling.  Since last year the South Australian Government has entered into two DAMAs:

1. Adelaide Technology and Innovation Advancement Agreement

This agreement concentrates on Adelaide’s High Tech development Industries involving defense, space, technology and advanced manufacturing industries. If you have a background in high tech sectors and want to live in South Australia, this will be the perfect opportunity for you!

2. South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement

This agreement pays attention to South Australia’s regional high growth industries including agribusiness, forestry, health and social services, tourism and hospitality, construction and mining. 

See the full DAMA Occupation list here.

SA DAMA Occupation Changes

What Are the Occupation Changes On DAMA?

1. DAMA Occupation List

As we informed you the good news, there is a range of new occupations under these two DAMAs with a concentration on the sectors such as health care, manufacturing, high-tech, agribusiness and food productions. In total there are 92 occupations added to the new occupation lists SA DAMA.  The additions are: 

  • 26  Occupations in the Adelaide Metro Occupation
  • 66 Occupations in South Australian Regional Workforce DAMA list

Before the changes, there are 114 occupations under the SA DAMA. However, due to the amendment, some occupations have been removed from DAMA occupation lists, such as Cook, Chef, Bar Attendant & Restaurant Manager & Diesel Motor Mechanic. This shows the scale of COVID-19 has heavily hit many previous market demanding sectors.

Please refer to the end of the article for newly added occupations.

If you wish to check your occupation please contact us via email [email protected] or via phone on 1300 827 159.

2. Concessions And PR Pathways

Before this revision, South Australia DAMA only offered English language and age concession to temporary visa holders. Now the  SA DAMA has secured both English and age concessions, which will now carry over to the permanent visa. Therefore, any of you SA DAMA candidates are eligible to apply for PR with the following concessions:

  • English concession: IELTS score 5.0 overall (or equivalent), with minimum 4.5 (or equivalent) for each band, where specified in the DAMA occupation list.
  • Age concession: Under Age 50 for regional occupations and Under Age 55 for Metro occupation.

3. Skills Assessing Authority

From now on, the South Australian Government has been approved to act as skills assessing authority for any occupations that require a skills assessment. The Government of South Australia will be taking the skills assessment for specific occupations listed as “skills verification required from South Australia”. If this applies to your occupation, you can submit an online enquiry requesting further information on the skills assessment process here.

What Do These Occupation Changes On DAMA Mean?

This new addition to the occupation list under SA DAMA has provided some flexibility to DAMA candidates. It also opens up another pathway and opportunity for you who wants to obtain Permanent Residence. All occupations in the new occupation list SA DAMA will be able to apply for a PR pathway via Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa (Subclass 494) or Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482).  With this good news, pack your bag and get ready to work in South Australia!

When Will These Occupation List Changes Take Effect?

These changes will come into effect from 2021 which enable more of you to live and work in South Australia.

New DAMA Occupations List

New Adelaide Metro Occupations New Regional DAMA Occupations
Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers nec (211199) Cold Store Manager (070499)
Advancement Manager (070499) Cold Store Operator (070499)
Advancement Professional (070499) Dairy Cattle Farmer (121313)
Analyst Programmer (261311)  Irrigation Technician (070499)
Artistic Director (212111) Poultry Farm Supervisor (070499) 
Arts Administrator or Manager (139911) Poultry Stockperson (070499)
Chemistry Technician (311411) Senior Dairy Cattle Farm Worker (070499)
Clinical Researcher (070499) Senior Piggery Stockperson (070499)
Corporate Services Manager (132111) Skilled Horticultural Worker (070499)
Dance Teacher (Private Tuition) (249212) Vineyard Manager (070499)
Dancer or Choreographer (211112) Vineyard Supervisor (070499)
Data and Analytics Manager (070499) Wine Maker (234213)
Developer Programmer (261312) Cook (ethnic cuisine) (070499)
Digital Producer (070499) Sales and Marketing Manager (131112)
Digital Supervisor (070499) Care Supervisor (070599)
Earth Science Technician (311412) Child Care Centre Manager (134111)
Education Manager nec (134499) Child Care Worker (421111)
Information and Organisation Professionals nec (includes Data Scientist) (224999) Dental Hygienist (411211)
Librarian (224611) Dental Technician (411213)
Life Science Technician (311413) Dental Therapist (411311)
Medical Laboratory Technician (311213) Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher (241111)
Policy and Planning Manager (132411) Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)
Public Relations Manager (131114) Registered Nurses nec (254499)
Science Technicians nec (311499) Veterinary Nurse (361311)
Statistician (224113)
Welfare Worker (272613)
Digital Production Manager (070499) Civil Engineer (233211)
Civil Engineering Draftsperson (312211)
Construction Project Manager (133111)
Electrical Engineer (133211)
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson (312311) 
Electrical Engineering Technician (312312)
Electrical Motor Repairer or Winder (070499)
Electronics Engineer (233411)
Electronic Engineering Draftsperson (312411)
Electronic Engineering Technician (312412)
Engineering Manager (133211)
Engineering Technologist (233914)
Fitter (General) (323211)
Fitter and Turner (323212)
Fitter-Welder (323213)
Industrial Engineer (233511)
Manufacturer (133411)
Mechanical Engineer (233512)
Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson (312511)
Mechanical Engineering Technician (312512)
Metal Fabricator (322311)
Metal Fitters and Machinists nec (323299)
Metal Machinist (First Class) (323214)
Plastics Technician (399916)
Pressure Welder (322312)
Procurement Manager (133612)
Production Manager (Manufacturing) (133512)
Production Manager (Mining) (133513)
Production or Plant Engineer  (233513)
Sheetmetal Trades Worker (322211)
Stonemason (331112)
Structural Engineer (233214)
Supply and Distribution Manager (133611)
Technicians and Trades Workers nec
Transport Engineer (233215)
Vehicle Body Builder (324211)
Welder (First Class) (322313)
Welding Engineer (070499)
Welding Inspector (070499)
Welding Specialist Supervisor (070499)
Welding Technologist (070499)

1. Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers nec (211199)

2. Advancement Manager (070499)

3. Advancement Professional (070499)

4. Analyst Programmer (261311)

5. Artistic Director (212111)

6. Arts Administrator or Manager (139911)

7. Chemistry Technician (311411)

8. Clinical Researcher (070499)

9. Corporate Services Manager (132111)

10. Dance Teacher (Private Tuition) (249212)

11. Dancer or Choreographer (211112)

12. Data and Analytics Manager (070499)

13. Developer Programmer (261312)

14. Digital Producer (070499)

15. Digital Supervisor (070499)

16. Earth Science Technician (311412)

17. Education Manager nec (134499)

18. Information and Organisation Professionals nec (includes Data Scientist) (224999)

19. Librarian (224611)

20. Life Science Technician (311413)

21. Medical Laboratory Technician (311213)

22. Policy and Planning Manager (132411)

23. Public Relations Manager (131114)

24. Science Technicians nec (311499)

25. Statistician (224113)

26. Digital Production Manager (070499)

1. Cold Store Manager (070499)

2. Cold Store Operator (070499)

3. Dairy Cattle Farmer (121313)

4. Irrigation Technician (070499)

5. Poultry Farm Supervisor (070499)

6. Poultry Stockperson (070499)

7. Senior Dairy Cattle Farm Worker (070499)

8. Senior Piggery Stockperson (070499)

9. Skilled Horticultural Worker (070499)

10. Vineyard Manager (070499)

11. Vineyard Supervisor (070499)

12. Wine Maker (234213)

13. Cook (ethnic cuisine)(070499)

14. Sales and Marketing Manager (131112)

15. Care Supervisor (070599)

16. Child Care Centre Manager (134111)

17. Child Care Worker (421111)

18. Dental Hygienist (411211)

19. Dental Technician (411213)

20. Dental Therapist (411311)

21. Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher (241111)

22. Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)

23. Registered Nurses nec (254499)

24. Veterinary Nurse (361311)

25. Welfare Worker (272613)

26. Civil Engineer (233211)

27. Civil Engineering Draftsperson (312211)

28. Construction Project Manager (133111)

29. Electrical Engineer (133211)

30. Electrical Engineering Draftsperson (312311)

31. Electrical Engineering Technician (312312)

32. Electrical Motor Repairer or Winder (070499)

33. Electronics Engineer (233411)

34. Electronic Engineering Draftsperson (312411)

35. Electronic Engineering Technician (312412)

36. Engineering Manager (133211)

37. Engineering Technologist (233914)

38. Fitter (General) (323211)

39. Fitter and Turner (323212)

40. Fitter-Welder (323213)

41. Industrial Engineer (233511)

42. Manufacturer (133411)

43. Mechanical Engineer (233512)

44. Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson (312511)

45. Mechanical Engineering Technician (312512)

46. Metal Fabricator (322311)

47. Metal Fitters and Machinists nec (323299)

48. Metal Machinist (First Class) (323214)

49. Plastics Technician (399916)

50. Pressure Welder (322312)

51. Procurement Manager (133612)

52. Production Manager (Manufacturing) (133512)

53. Production Manager (Mining) (133513)

54. Production or Plant Engineer (233513)

55. Sheetmetal Trades Worker (322211)

56. Stonemason (331112)

57. Structural Engineer (233214)

58. Supply and Distribution Manager (133611)

59. Technicians and Trades Workers nec

60. Transport Engineer (233215)

61. Vehicle Body Builder (324211)

62. Welder (First Class) (322313)

63. Welding Engineer (070499)

64. Welding Inspector (070499)

65. Welding Specialist Supervisor (070499)

66. Welding Technologist (070499)

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