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Different Type of Australian Bridging Visa


Knowing Different Types of Australian Bridging Visa

There are currently 5 types of Australian Bridging visa available through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

These are Bridging visa A, Bridging visa B, Bridging visa C, Bridging visa D and Bridging visa E.

Bridging visas are Temporary visas which allow people to legally stay in Australia whilst they are waiting for a decision on their substantive visa, appealing a decision relation to their current visa or making arrangements to leave Australia, they can be used for a variety of reasons.

The requirements for making an application for a Bridging visa will vary according to the circumstances.

Not all Bridging visas are the same, some Australian Bridging visas can be granted with work conditions imposed or no work conditions, work rights due to financial hardship and travel restrictions.

Some Bridging visas are granted due to a person whos visa has expired and they have become unlawful in Australia.

There are certain conditions placed on each Bridging visa for example, if you travel overseas on a Bridging visa A, C, D or E the visa will be automatically void unless you are on a Bridging visa B which allows you to travel overseas for the purpose of a genuine reason such as a family wedding, event or funeral but there is also time limits imposed too.

Australian Bridging visa A

Is a Temporary visa which will provide you with lawful status to stay in Australia whilst you are on a current substantive visa and you have lodged another visa application and are waiting for it to be processed.

You will not have any travel or work rights on a Bridging visa A unless you are on a nominated or sponsored visa on the grounds of your skills or applying for an on-shore Partner visa.

Australian Bridging visa B

Is a Temporary visa which allows you to travel outside of Australia whilst you are waiting for your current visa application to be processed.  This visa is normally granted for 3 months so you would have to be back in Australia from your travels before the 3 month period is up.

You would generally apply for a Bridging visa B a few weeks before travelling.

You can also hold a Bridging visa A at the same time as a Bridging visa B.

Australian Bridging visa C

Is a Temporary visa and it allows you to stay in Australia whilst you substantive visa is being processed it does not allow you to travel out of Australia whilst waiting for your visa to be processed.

You cannot work on an initial Bridging visa C unless the visa you have applied for is a skillselect Australian visa such as a subclass 186, subclass 187, subclass 189, subclass 190 or a subclass 489.

Australian Bridging visa D

Is a Temporary visa and has two subclasses.

The Prospective Applicant class which means you are unlawful or illegally staying in Australia and have wanted to submit a visa to Immigration and Border Protection but have not been able to for reasons beyond your control.

Obtaining a Bridging visa D will give you 5 working days to lodge a visa onshore in Australia.

Non Applicant class is for unlawful non-citizens unable to make or not intending on getting a substantive visa and an authorized officer is not available to interview you for eligibility for a Bridging visa D.

The Bridging visa D does not allow you to leave Australia once it has been granted and it does not allow you to work.

Australian Bridging visa E

Is a Temporary visa that is granted if your substantive visa has expired, it allows you to stay in Australia lawfully whilst you make a decision to either leave Australia, wait for a decision from Department of Immigration and Border Protection or finalise your immigration matters.

You cannot leave Australia once the Bridging visa E is granted, you may be able to work on this visa but the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will advise you of this.

If you stay in Australia without a current visa, you are classed as an unlawful non-citizen and you risk being detained and removed from Australia, you risk the chance of not being granted another visa for 3 years after you leave Australia and if removed from Australia you may have a debt to the Australian Government.

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