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Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 124) Requirements You Need To Know


Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 124) Requirements

If you have an internationally recognized and outstanding achievement in the arts, sports or in a profession, you may be eligible to apply for the Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 124) which will allow you to live and work permanently in Australia.

For example, a professional athlete, singer, artist, or scientist who are critically acclaimed, can be eligible for this visa.

You will need to demonstrate exceptional and outstanding abilities in your field, and show that you are dominant and of a higher rank than others who specialize in your line of work.

You must demonstrate that your work, achievements and level of quality in your field will remain that way and will not reduce or decline in the future.

Your achievements need to be acclaimed, applauded and commended as exceptional in all countries where the relevant field is practiced.

The field would also need to have recognition and acceptance in Australia as well as international standing.

Your Skill and Talent must benefit the Australian community, economically, socially or culturally, or it must raise the standard of Australia’s sporting, artistic or academic standing on an international scale.

To be eligible for the distinguished Talent Visa you must be nominated by a person or organization in Australia that is internationally recognized and highly regarded on a national level.

As with most Australian visas you must also meet character and health requirements.

Functional English language requirement must also be met.

There is no age limit, however there are requirements if you are under the age of 18 years or over 55 years old.

If you are under 18 or over 55 you must be an extraordinary and unprecedented benefit to Australia.

To Summarise an applicant must:

  • Have an internationally recognised talent in a profession, sport, art or academic research
  • Have exceptional abilities that outweighs all others in your field
  • Have abilities that will benefit Australia on a National and International scale
  • Be nominated by a nationally recognized person or organization
  • Meet character, health and age requirements

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