Hi, I’m Indah Melindasari, The founder of ONE derland Consulting.

I first ventured to Perth, Western Australia as an International Student in 1997.

I know, applying a visa to Australia on your own , wasn’t easy at all.

I take great pleasure in communicating and liaising with various people from contrasting countries, races, ages, occupations and backgrounds. It is through my role at ONE derland Consulting that I am able to follow my calling to help these people.

I can guarantee you that my agency offers 100% honesty, professionalism and transparency during your visa application process. If at any time during the consultation process our agents do not demonstrate professionalism and are not able to provide you with concrete visa solutions. You are more than welcome to request for a REFUND, no questions asked, no hard feelings guaranteed.


At the consultation, our agent will perform the following:

  • Asses all your personal circumstances in great details;
  • You may ask any and all questions you have;
  • Identify all available pathways and options;
  • You will receive accurate and professional advice;
  • The consultation will be from 45 to 60 minutes, giving you plenty of time to discuss everything;
  • After the consultation, you will receive a detailed written “Meeting Summary” explaining each pathway, the costs involved and the actions to take next;
  • All discussions will be treated as confidential.

I made a promise to myself to help people, who aspire to change their lives for the better by migrating to Australia, by relieving them from the unnecessary stress and pressure which occurs throughout the process. To be their support and reassurance in the trying times.

I deeply value these promises. These promises are what drive me to become the person I am today.

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Ibu Indah Melindasari, B.Com