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Eligible New Zealand Citizen – Complete Definition and Information


Eligible New Zealand Citizen – Complete Information

Are you familiar with the terms of Eligible New Zealand citizen but not sure who they are? You may find terms Eligible New Zealand citizen in various sponsorship requirements, for example, Partner Visa sponsorship, Parent visa sponsorship, etc.

New Zealand and Australia have a special relationship when it comes to immigration. Citizens of New Zealand are eligible for certain privileges when they come to Australia, but specific eligibility requirements must be met. 

This article will explore who is referred as an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Who is Eligible New Zealand Citizen?

Eligible New Zealand citizens or Protected SCV (Special Category Visa) holders are those:

  • were in Australia on February 26, 2001, as a SCV holder.
  • resided in Australia for at least 12 months as a holder of a SCV during the two years before to February 26, 2001, or started or resumed living there within three months of that date, or
  • lived in Australia on February 26, 2001, although they were temporarily away.

So if you or anyone that you know meets the above requirements, they are entitled to be an Eligible New Zealand citizen. 

If you’re a New Zealand citizen living in Australia, you may be eligible for various benefits and services. 

Benefits for Eligible New Zealand citizens

Benefits for Eligible New Zealand citizens

Here are some benefits you will get:

  • medicare
  • family assistance payments
  • rent assistance
  • age pension
  • disability pension or carer payment
  • student loans

Besides, you are entitled to sponsor your family members to live in Australia together with you. The sponsorship might lead them to live permanently in Australia. 

Is being a holder of SCV (Subclass 444) importantly required? 

Yes, it is. 

You must be arriving in Australia on a SCV (subclass 444) and live on the specified date above to be an eligible New Zealand citizen. 

The SCV (subclass 444) is automatically granted to you when you arrive at the Australian border as a New Zealand passport holder. 

If you want explained details of your SCV (Subclass 444), read their visa page from the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. 

Read more: Subclass 444 Special Category visa (SCV) 

Anticipate this: Starting from July 1st, 2023, the person who holds New Zealand citizenship and a SCV (Subclass 444); has lived in Australia for over 4 years; will be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship due to newly updated requirements.

Eligible New Zealand Citizen wants to sponsor family members

I want to sponsor my family members, is that possible? 

There are two possible pathways:

  1. Sponsoring family members as an eligible New Zealand citizen

You might be sponsor your family member on these visas with specific circumstances:

  • Partner Visa – if you want to sponsor your spouse or de facto partner
  • Parent Visa – if you want to sponsor your parent
  • Child Visa – if you want to sponsor your children

Another good thing is that these visa programs may lead your family members to be Australian permanent residents. 

  1. Sponsoring family members as a non-eligible New Zealand citizen 

If you don’t meet the requirements for eligible New Zealand citizen, then you may sponsor your partner for a 461 Visa – New Zealand citizen family relationship visa.

Unless you get an Australian permanent resident or citizen status, you cannot sponsor your partner for a permanent visa. 

Read more: Pathway to Australian Citizenship for New Zealand People 

If you’re a New Zealand citizen living in Australia or having a relationship with a New Zealand citizen, and need clarification on your eligibility for certain benefits and services, it’s recommended that you seek professional advice. 


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