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You will be eligible to apply for a partner visa onshore subclass 820 and 801 if your partner is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, and your partner should be your sponsor. You are holding a temporary visa e.g. visitor visa, working visa or student visa. You and your partner already married or living together at least 12 months, and meet health and character requirements.

A ‘No Further Stay’ condition is a condition that prevents the visa holder from applying for many temporary and permanent visas while they are in Australia. But you may request that a “No Further Stay” condition be left off your visa at the time you apply for the visa. If the No Further Stay condition is waived, you can apply for another visa without having to leave Australia. That’s mean you can apply for a Partner visa onshore.

You are able to lodge the application on the basis of de facto relationship, only if you have met the criteria of living together for minimum 12 months. If you don’t meet this living together criteria, you may consider to apply under partner visa on the basis of marriage. If you apply under de facto, you should provide any evidence to show that you are living together, otherwise, you visa might get refused.

If you have overstayed less than 28 days, you will need to call Immigration’s Status Resolution Centre and tell them that you have overstayed and are applying for another visa. They will then provide you with a 28 day Bridging visa. You are then lawfully in the country again for those 28 days. Your application for a partner visa must be submitted by the time the 28 days are up, so you can receive another bridging visa until your visa is granted or rejected, or you must leave Australia.You should provide submission that contain with compelling reasons regarding your overstayed for granting the partner visa. But if you have overstayed more than 28 days and try to apply for a partner visa onshore, you will have schedule 3 criteria applied to you which means that you will have additional criteria you have to fulfill to be granted a partner visa.
Where an applicant and Sponsors relationship has broken down, it is the responsibility of both the applicant and sponsor to advise the Department of home affairs immediately. The visa will be cancelled and the applicant will be granted a bridging visa either to make arrangements to depart Australia or arrange to apply for another visa type.

ONE derland Consulting has clients from all around the world. If you are in Perth, you may book the face to face consultation with our Migration Agent. If you are overseas, we can offer you Skype or Whatsapp consultation. For booking an appointment, please refer to booking appointment section on the top of this page.

Our team at ONE derland Consulting will need to see and assess on a case by case. Every refusal must have its reason, and from that document, we can determine which visa options that suit you the best and give you the best solution for your case.

There is no 100% guarantee for the visa to be granted. ONE derland Consulting team will help you to make a ‘decision-ready’ visa application. Before submitting the application, we will make sure that everything is bulletproof; therefore, it will give the high chance of visa approval.

First of all, you should have a consultation with our Migration Agent, Indah Melindasari or Jamie Chan, to discuss your case further. Indah and Jamie will be honest and professional to tell all the options for your situation. After the meeting, we will give you a summary, including all the information needed for your visa options. Once you’re ready and all the payment sorted, we can start the process by providing you with the documents checklist. After sending all the requested documents, you can relax, we will handle the application on your behalf.

Nowadays, finding a job in Australia is hard. We can’t guarantee 100% to secure a job for you as it would be up to the company. They will assess your background, education, work experience, etc. It would be faster if you already have the company to sponsor you to work in Australia, then we can help you with the visa application.

Once you’re contacting our office, our professional team will have an initial assessment based on your case. Through this initial assessment, you will get the general information regarding the visa you would like to apply. If you pass this initial assessment, we would strongly suggest you meet our Migration Agent to have a further assessment. We will provide you with crystal clear information.

You will get worry-free as we will assist your application on your behalf. We will prepare the template, sorting documents, preparing and monitoring the application. We will act on your behalf to the Department of Home Affairs, and we will inform you should there be any updates in regards to your application.

Yes. Our team at ONE derland Consulting will help you to understand what you have to do and also provide the best options for applying for your visa. Indah Melindasari (MARN: 0961448) has over 10-years of experience dealing with many complex cases with the 98% success rate. ONE derland Consulting team will take the time and compile all documents needed an