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Getting Australian Permanent Residency via Skilled Visa


Getting Australian Permanent Residency via the Skilled Visa Pathway

This week we are giving you another inside look into the pathway of one determined young client underwent in an effort to gain Australian permanent residency via Skilled Visa.

In 2009, Gede (not the client’s real name) from Bali, Indonesia first contacted ONEderland Consulting.

We booked him in a Skype Consultation the next day and he informed us that he would like to apply for an Australian Student Visa.

Gede decided that Accounting was the way to go and chose a 3.5-year Accounting Degree at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia.

Once we had ensured that Gede had met all the requirements and was eligible for a Student visa, our sister company EducationONE assisted him to enrol at the university and it only took a few days to receive his Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

Having this COE then meant we were able to lodge his Offshore Student visa (Subclass 573) straight away and three short months later his visa was granted. He then flew over to Perth and began his course 2 weeks later.

3.5 years went by quickly and Gede had graduated with flying colours. Now his mind was again set on applying for the Skilled visa, preferably the Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) he had been working towards for so long.

We advised that he may be able to apply for the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189), which would give him the freedom to live and work Australia indefinitely, provided that he was able to meet the following requirements:

  • He would have to Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) to SkillSelect

  • Complete a points test and score at least 60 points

  • His nominated occupation would need to be listed on the Sponsored Occupations List (SOL)

  • Must be under 50 years of age at the time the application is made

  • Must also have at least competent English and undertake a valid English test

  • Would need to pass a skills assessment with the relevant Skill Assessing Authority according to his occupation prior to lodging the visa

  • Must receive an Invitation from Skill Select

Australian Permanent Residency via Skilled Visa

Although Gede was successfully able to meet all these requirements, his points test score was only just hitting the target of 60 points.

Here’s how we worked out his points tally

Points test score:

  1. Age: 25 = 30 points

  2. IELTS: 7 each = 10 points

  3. Bachelor at Curtin= 15 points

  4. Australian study: 5 points

Total: 60 points

In order to increase his points and thus heighten his chances of the visa application being approved, we encouraged him to take the longer but more guaranteed path of first applying for the Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485). Then while on this Graduate visa we recommended him to undertake a Professional Year program for 12 months through NAVITAS.

This training and internship program is recognized by the Australian Department of Immigration and would give him an extra 5 points towards his points test.

However, to be eligible for the Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485), he would first have to fulfil the below criteria:

  • Meet the two year Study Requirement

  • Meet the English Language Requirement

  • Have an Occupation listed on the Sponsored Occupations List (SOL)

Since he was able to satisfy these requirements and his nominated occupation of Accountant was still on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL), ONEderland Consulting was then able to help him right from the start of his application to the very end and once again, the process went smoothly. His Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) was granted late July 2013.

15 months later in September 2014, just 3 months until his Graduate Visa was set to expire, we helped Gede lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) to SkillSelect and his invitation arrived shortly after.

Having already completed his Professional Year in Accounting and thus having already gained a further 5 points towards his points tally, he was finally ready to apply for the Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa.

Once lodged, the decision only took 3 months and in early 2015 Gede had finally received the news that after all his persistence, the visa had been granted!

GSM visas’ eligibility and the minimum pass mark of the point tests have gone through some changes since 2018. Contact us for more information!

 ONEderland Consulting has extensive experience in lodging General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas for a range of clients, all with different nominated occupations, as well as varying case complexities.

Our fees for assisting any GSM visa application range between AUD $5,500 to AUD $6,500 – (plus 10% of GST) depending on the complexity of the application.

(This fee excludes any medical examination, skill assessment, English test, visa charge, translation of documents (if required).

If you’d like to find out whether you’re eligible to apply for a permanent Australian visa or for further information on Australian Skilled Migration, call our friendly Perth Visa consultants on (+61) 8 9477-5831 or email: [email protected]

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