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How to Satisfy Genuine Temporary Entrant GTE for Visitor Visa

How to Satisfy Genuine Temporary Entrant GTE for Visitor Visa

GTE For Visitor Visa Explained – How To Satisfy The Requirements

Before deciding to apply for a visa to any country, there are requirements that must be met. Especially in the case of an Australian visitor visa. When submitting a visitor visa to Australia or some people called tourist visa, you must show that you are a genuine visitor or tourist, hence the importance of GTE for Visitor Visa.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is a requirement or criteria that must be fulfilled by applicants when they want to apply for visitor visas to Australia. If this criterion is not met, it is likely that the Visitor visa application will be rejected by the immigration authorities. To avoid this, it is better to know in advance what is included in the GTE visitor visa.

Below are some of the evidence you need to include on Genuine Temporary Entrance (GTE) when applying for Tourist Visa to Australia

1. Intention to Obtain the Australian Visitor Visa

In submitting visitor visas, applicants must understand the essence or purpose of a visitor visa, purely for a vacation in Australia. In this case, applicants can visit tourist attractions in Australia or visit friends and family in Australia. Visitor visa does not allow applicants to work in Australia.

Therefore, the applicant must prove that the main purpose of coming to Australia is to go on holiday. If later an indication is found that the applicant wants to work using a visitor visa, then the tourist visa will likely be rejected or cancelled. Related to this, applicants must also be clear about their period of stay, and may not exceed that time.

2. Previous visa application to Australia

History of the applicant’s previous trip to Australia will certainly be recorded in the immigration system. Therefore, when submitting a visitor visa for the second time, previous travel will also have an effect. The immigration authorities will see the applicants’ track record while in Australia.

If previously the applicant had overstayed or had experienced a refusal of a visa, then the next application would also have a high risk of being rejected. Therefore, it is very important to be honest in every visa application related to the visa history, and also to fulfill every condition stated in the previous visa.

But if this is the first time applicants have applied for a visa to Australia, they must meet other criteria for a visa to be granted.

GTE for Visitor Visa

3. Personal Circumstances as an Incentive to Return Home

Many personal conditions can be used as reasons or incentives to return to the country of origin after the visitor’s visa expires. In general, these personal conditions can be seen from various aspects: financial conditions, employment, education, family ties, and other aspects that can be used as incentives.

From a financial standpoint, this can be proven by having sufficient financial conditions to use during a visit to Australia. Ordinarily, it would take financially $ 5,000 AUD as a requirement. In addition, to satisfied GTE requirements from a financial perspective, it can also be seen from assets owned in a home country.

With this asset, it can be used as a guarantee that the applicant will not stay longer than the time allowed on the visitor visa.

In terms of employment for GTE, it must be proven that the applicant has a job in a home country that requires applicants to return. This can be proven by the employment letter or employment contract.

If the visitor visa applicant is conducting studies at home country, this can also prove that the applicant is a genuine visitor who will return and will not stay for a long time in Australia.

Other conditions to satisfied GTE requirements are family ties. If the applicant has parents, children, and even friends in their home country, this can also be used as one of the criteria for GTE.

With the closest person from the applicant who did not submit the visitor visa, it would be a strong reason not to stay for a long time in Australia.

Applicants in this case will certainly return to their home countries, because all of their family and friends are not in Australia.

GTE for Visitor Visa Still A Daunting Task For You? We’ve Got You Covered.

Still confused about what the GTE for Visitor visa is? ONE derland Consulting are very experienced in managing the submission of Visitor Visas. Indah Melindasari, as our registered migration agent, will inform you whether you are a genuine visitor or not.

She will also explain how and what must be provided to fulfill the requirements when applying for a visitor visa to Australia.

Indah Melindasari as our professional migration agent, is also very experienced in dealing with complex applications.

Indah is registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) with number 0961448. We are regulated in our professional practice and are bound by the profession’s Code of Conduct issued by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

We understand that applying for a visa to Australia is certainly very complex. Indah Melindasari and the team at ONE derland Consulting will help you to understand what you have to do and also provide the best options for applying for your visa.

ONE derland consulting will take the time and compile all documents needed and guarantee that your application is 100% ready before submitting, ensuring a positive outcome for your visa application.

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