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Health Requirement and Fees Charges Partner Visa Australia


Meeting Health Requirement For Partner Visa Australia

Meeting the health requirement for the Australian Partner Visa application is very crucial. The health requirements specify the minimum health tests needed for approval. Higher levels of health testing may be requested to be performed if there is doubt regarding the initial results.

Failure in meeting the health requirements for your Australian Partner Visa application might result in refusal.

So, understanding the importance of meeting the health requirement, we have summarised all information and what to do if you have health issues.

What are the health requirements for an Australian Partner Visa?

To meet the health requirements for Australian Partner Visa application, you must be free from the health condition that will:

  • cost substantial expense to the Australian community in terms of healthcare and volunteer work,
  • likely to increase demand for community and healthcare services, thereby restricting the availability of those services to Australian citizens and permanent residents. This is referred to as biased access.

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How is the process in assessing health requirements?

Upon submitting your Australian Partner Visa application, you will be required to undergo a health examination.

The examination result will be assessed by the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC). Suppose any concerns were found with your health examination, you will be advised in writing by taking into account the services that the person with the same kind and severity of condition would require.

The MOC’s perspective is limited to your medical condition only. Other personal circumstances cannot be taken into account. For instance, the MOC is unable to take into account how using available public services will be impacted by your possession of private health insurance or the ability to pay for treatment.

What if you have a concerning medical condition?

Along with the notification sent by the MOC, the Department of Home Affairs will give you a chance to comment on the findings. This process is called a health waiver.

The health waiver can boost the chance of being granted the Australian Partner Visa.

You would be required to provide evidence of your situation as well as financial evidence  and what arrangements have been put into place for your care.

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Fees and Charges for Lodging Australian Partner Visa

Following is the fees for lodging an Australian Partner Visa:




Prospective Marriage Visa

$3,500 – $4,000 AUD

$8,850 AUD

Partner Visa (Offshore)

$4,300 – $5,500 AUD

$8,850 AUD

Partner Visa (Onshore)

$4,300 – $5,500 AUD

$8,850 AUD

Prospective Marriage / Partner Visa Package

$5,500 – $6,500 AUD

$8,850 + $1,870 AUD

*the immigration visa charge may change in July every year.

Please note the above fees and charges excludes Health examination, police check, GST, postage fee, cost of translation and certification, and other associated charges.

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Does the health requirement for Australian Partner Visa sound too complicated for you?

Partner visa is not just filling out the application forms. It requires more than just being in a loving and long standing relationship with each other to lodge a valid Partner visa application.

You will need to submit a large amount of evidence to show that your relationships are genuine and long standing.

Every relationship is different and unique, but to obtain a visa, your relationship must be presented in the way that can satisfy Australian Immigration requirements.

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