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How to avoid Australian Visa Scam


How to avoid Australian Visa Scam 

Tips to Avoid Australian Visa Scam

Australian Visa scam has now been a trending threat to people because the scam can happen by a phone call or a letter allegedly coming “on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs”. Australian Federal Police have caught hundreds of Australian visa scammers that help people to work or stay illegally in Australia. 

The visa scammer will ask you a huge amount of money and will convince you that you can work in Australia, or even become a permanent resident. They will use many tricks to pursue people and  to try and take them as their illegal Migration agent. 

Be careful and mindful that either applicant or scammer or both of them will get sanction, sent to jail, detained by the Australian Border Force, and sent out of Australia and back to their own country.

Australian Visa scammer will promise you a happy lifestyle in Australia, it would last only for a little while and then you will end up in jail, and this is definitely no one’s dream in Australia. 

Be wise and decide to process your visa by choosing a registered migration agent.

Why Should You Use a Registered Migration Agent 

When you are applying for an Australian Visa there are many requirements, documents and assessments you need to meet to be eligible for an Australian visa. The basic information about you submitted in your application must be genuine and honest to convince the Department of Home Affairs that your intention is not to stay illegally in Australia.

Please be mindful if you engage the services of a Registered Migration Agent they will work on your behalf to professionally and they will always keep you informed throughout the progress of your visa application.  

You may risk a Visa refusal if you apply for the Visa yourself, you could lose time, money and suffer from emotional stress. 

Some of the benefits of employing the service of a Registered Migration Agent are:

    A visa scam that is happening now promises people longer stays in Australia, which of course is illegal. They also promise you that it is legal to work under the tourist visa this is also illegal. They will also ask for a lot of money for doing nothing and getting you into a lot of trouble with illegal overstay and working. This type of scam would never happen when using the legal registered migration agent, whose actions honest and legal.
    Applying for a Visa definitely does consume lots of time, from the first time you research the suitable visa, searching the requirements until completing the documents. The sooner you get a registered migration agent, the faster you get the positive outcome for your visa application.
    A registered migration agent is working under the law and is registered by OMARA (Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority). A registered migration agent will secure your application by providing more accurate information and will keep you updated with any changes in the process. You do not need to worry about anything, because the registered migration agent will fill out everything correctly in your application.
    A registered migration agent is up-to-date with any changes regarding your application. They receive direct information from immigration and will ensure you that nothing important is missed which will result as a visa refusal.
  5. COSTS
    It is no secret that Australian visas cost a huge amount of money and is a complex process. When you make a mistake in your application or there is inconsistency in your information, it could cost you thousands of dollars after the refusal to reapply. Using a registered migration agent will reduce the chance of refusal and any negative outcome for your application.

ONE derland Consulting a Reputable Migration Agent

ONEderland Consulting has met professional standards, followed the Code of Conduct and maintained up-to-date knowledge of migration law and procedure. We are registered with OMARA, Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). OMARA is an approved government body that will make sure your agent will act according to the law and give thorough information in assessing clients on their Australian visa to be secured.

ONE derland Consulting will make it easy and convenient to arrange everything regarding your visa application. We will make the process as simple as possible and most importantly you doing this legally.

ONE derland Consulting has had a lot of experience in handling all kinds of visas to Australia, including  complex cases such as a re-entry ban, criminal record and overstay.

Visa refusal has been a nightmare for applicants, but with bulletproof documents, strong applications and up-to-date information, we are sure that there will be no reason for your visa to be refused.

ONE derland Consulting is headed by a senior migration agent, Indah Melindasari B.Com. She is a professional Agent registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), with MARA Number: 0961448. 

If you are experiencing any uncertainty in doing your Australian visa you would be better call us for a consultation. 

Start your visa application using our professional and trusted migration agent to avoid rejection of the visa. ONE derland Consulting has successfully dealt with many cases of Visa violation.  You will have a thorough consultation which will give you the best options to start your visa application. 

We understand that applying for a visa to Australia is certainly very complex. Indah Melindasari and the team at ONE derland Consulting will help you to understand what you have to do and also provide the best options for applying for your visa. ONE derland consulting will take the time and compile all documents needed and guarantee that your application is 100% ready before submitting, ensuring a positive outcome for your visa application.

Do not think twice and please contact us directly via email at [email protected] or by telephone to our various offices in major cities in Australia: Perth (08) 9477 5831, Sydney (02) 9188 2065 & Melbourne (03) 9088 4114.

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