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How to Sponsor Family Members on 457 Visa

How to Sponsor Family Members on 457 Visa

Do you need tips on a family sponsorship to Australia for your dependent family members on 457 Visa Australia?

There are several options available to you if you currently hold an Australian visa to be able to sponsor your family members to join you in Australia.

You will find the requirements needed to for family sponsorship for your family member for each kind of visa application below.

There will be other options as well; these are only a few of your choices available.

In order to assess if you qualify to be a member of the family unit per the subclass 457 working visa, let’s go over how immigration defines being a member of the family unit.

For the purpose of applying for a subclass 457 visa Australia, someone will be considered the member of the family unit to the family head, if the person meets any of the following criteria:

Is considered a dependent child (under the age of 18 years) to the family head or of a de facto partner or spouse to the family head
The dependent child of a dependent child to the family head or of a de facto relationship or spouse to the family head
A dependent relative to the family head or of the de facto partner or spouse to the family head
A non-dependent child to the family head or of a spouse or de facto partner (see child (other))
A dependent child is the child (whether biological or adopted) or step-child to the family head, their spouse or de facto partner, where one of the mentioned has legal responsibility for the child.

A dependent child (18 years of age or older) and other relatives that are dependent on the family head, or de facto partner or spouse, may be considered in the application if:

They have never been married or in a de facto relationship, are legally widowed, divorced or separated
Are usually a resident in the household of the primary applicant
They are reliant on the primary applicant to financially support them for their basic needs (food, clothing and shelter)
The primary person has been financially supportive of the person for a substantial period of time
They are reliant on the primary person more than any other person or source

Children (under the age of 18) who were assessed as a member of the family unit in regards to a previous subclass 457 visa included with the primary visa applicant, may be eligible for a further secondary subclass 457 visa if they:

Have not gotten married or entered into a de facto relationship since the grant of the previous 457 visa
Have not yet turned the age of 21

Now that I’ve gone over the criteria for the member of a family member, can you apply? If so, you will need to know what will be required in your application, either combined with the applicant or a separate application altogether, the below requirements are for both ways of applying.

Requirements for family sponsorship (Skilled) (subclass 457) to be granted the visa by immigration

Are you a member of the primary applicant’s family unit? If so, you can make a combined application (an application including the primary and yourself) at the time of lodgement for the subclass 457 visa.

If the primary applicant has already had their visa granted and you wish to join them in Australia afterwards as a family member, you will need to fill out a separate visa application. In either scenario, your application for a grant of the subclass 457 visa will be assessed according to the secondary requirements which are listed below:

It will not make a difference whether or not you are on the application with the primary applicant or applying separately after the primary visa holder has been granted the visa, you will still need to provide sufficient evidence to establish your identity as a family member.

This evidence can be what is listed below, but it is not limited to what is listed:
A certified copy of the biographical data pages in your passport (has your photograph and details)
A passport sized photograph of yourself
A certified copy of your birth certificate
A family registered document, copied and certified
A certified copy of your identity card
Certified copy of any government official name change (such as, a marriage certificate)

If you are applying for the subclass 457 visa on the basis of being a member of the primary applicant’s family unit, then you will need evidence to back up those claims if you wish to do family sponsorship

You can provide a certified copy of the marriage certificate, this will show evidence for the spouse of a primary applicant. However, if you are in a de facto relationship with the primary visa applicant, please provide evidence to prove this relationship. Some acceptable forms of evidence are:

  • Proof of living together
  • Joint bank account records
  • Joint ownership in property
  • Bills in both names
  • Other official legal documents

You must support your claims, if you are 18 years or over and wish to be considered as a dependent to the primary applicant. Evidence must be provided to show you are either completely or substantially reliant for financial support to provide food, clothing or shelter from the primary applicant. You might also be completely or substantially reliant if you are incapacitated for work.

If you currently hold a dependent subclass 457 visa and are over 18 years old you may be able to stay a dependent family member for the purposes of a subsequent 457 visa application if you are:

Currently under the age of 21
Not in a de facto relationship or married

PLEASE NOTE: If your visa is approved under this regulation, it will only be valid until you reach your 21st birthday.