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How to Sponsor Skilled Overseas Worker for Business


How to Sponsor a Skilled Overseas Worker for Business

Sponsoring a skilled overseas worker can be tough sometimes. So, we have this page dedicated to all businesses in Australia who look to sponsor a skilled overseas worker for an employment sponsorship visa. We will cover all information that you should know from the requirements to be a sponsor to the detailed process of sponsoring an employee in Australia.

Available Employment Sponsorship Visa

Currently, you can sponsor a skilled overseas worker under one of the following employment sponsorship visa:

All employment sponsorship visa subclasses above comprise both temporary and permanent visas. The subclass 494 Visa is specific for sponsorship in regional areas. So, if your company operates in the Australian Regional Area, you can consider sponsoring your skilled overseas worker under the subclass 494 Visa.

If your company operates outside the Australian Regional Area, you can consider the subclass 482 or subclass 186 Visa for your skilled overseas worker.

The details of sponsoring a skilled overseas worker under one of these employer sponsorship visas will be explained below.

Sponsor Skilled Overseas Worker Under 482 Visa in Australia

How to sponsor a skilled overseas worker under employer sponsorship visa?

There are 5 stages in sponsoring a skilled overseas worker under employer sponsorship visa, which includes:

  1. Check Your Eligibility Criteria;
  2. Apply to be an Approved Standard Business Sponsorship;
  3. Pass the Labour Market Testing;
  4. Nominate your Skilled Overseas Worker;
  5. Submit Visa Application for your Skilled Overseas Worker

Stage 1: Check Your Eligibility Criteria

The very first thing you need to do is checking your eligibility to be a sponsor as well as checking your skilled overseas worker’s eligibility for the employer sponsorship visa. Yes, as a sponsor, you must meet certain eligibility criteria, which includes:

  • Operation that is both legal and active: Your company needs to be operating in Australia both legally and actively.
  • Good business record: Your company needs to demonstrate that it complies with Australian laws and workplace regulations on a consistent basis.
  • Financial capability: Your company must possess the resources necessary to fulfil its sponsorship commitments, which include paying the employee at least the going rate for their position.
  • Training commitment: Your company needs to show that it is dedicated to providing Australian citizens and permanent residents with training.

Meanwhile, the skilled overseas worker must meet the following requirements to be eligible for an employment sponsorship visa:

  • Occupation: They must be qualified for and possess the skills necessary for an occupation listed on the applicable skilled occupation list. It is the worker’s responsibility to confirm that their line of work is currently eligible for sponsorship as the list is updated and reviewed frequently.
  • English language proficiency: They must be able to exhibit the level of English language proficiency necessary for their line of work. An English language test, like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), is usually used to evaluate this.
  • Requirements: They must meet the requirements of their nominated occupation in order to carry out its duties. Having any necessary licences, exams, or registrations falls under this category.
  • Experience: Relevant work experience in the field of their nominated occupation is required.
  • Health: They have to fulfil the Australian government’s health requirements. This could entail going through a medical examination.
  • Character: They have to fulfil the standards for character established by the Australian government. Providing police clearances from any nation they have resided in for more than a year in the previous ten years is part of this.

Please be noted that there would be more specific requirements to be met depending on the eligible employment sponsorship visa.

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Stage 2: Apply to be an Approved Standard Business Sponsorship

Moving to the stage 2, we believe that your company has met the eligibility criteria.

To be an approved sponsor, you must submit an application for Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS). Once it’s approved, the SBS will be valid for 5 years, so your company can continue sponsoring more skilled overseas workers as long as your SBS is valid.

You can submit an application for Standard Business Sponsorship through IMMIAccount.

There’s an application fee of AUD 420 for the Standard Business Sponsorship application. The current processing time for Standard Business Sponsorship is 6-21 days.

Here are some required documents for the Standard Business Sponsorship application:

  • Application Forms
  • General Business Registration Documents
  • Documents to show you are running a lawful business

If you have any inquiries about the required documents, give our team a call or book an appointment here.

Stage 3: Pass the Labour Market Testing

Your business must pass the Labour Market Testing (LMT) only if you’re going to sponsor your skilled overseas worker on a subclass 482 Visa or subclass 494 Visa. The purpose of Labour Market Testing is to prove that your business cannot find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position, so sponsoring an overseas skilled worker is a must.

To pass the Labour Market Testing, your business must post a job advertisement for at least 4 consecutive weeks for the position in demand.

Previously the job advertisement should be published on the Australian government’s Workforce Australia website. However, for all applications submitting on or after 11 November 2023, won’t be required to have the job advertised on the Workforce Australia website.

Stage 4: Nominate Your Skilled Overseas Worker

Once you’ve passed the Labour Market Testing, you can nominate your skilled overseas worker. You can submit the nomination through IMMIAccount.

During this phase, the Department evaluates a number of criteria, including:

  • a valid employment position which is supported by evidence that the business has a genuine need for the position;
  • that the occupation is listed on the STSOL, ROL, or MLTSSL; and
  • that the nominee will be paid in accordance with market salary rates and not less than the salary threshold of $70,000 plus superannuation.

The above requirements can be evaluated by looking at employment contracts, labour market testing that demonstrates the company has attempted to fill the position with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, the size of the business, and the organisational structure.

Stage 5: Submit Visa Application for Your Skilled Overseas Worker

You can submit the visa application either after the nomination is approved or while the nomination is being processed.

Ensure that you have all required documents and that your skilled overseas worker has met the requirements for the specified visa subclass.

You can submit the visa application through the IMMIAccount, and surely, you have to pay the visa application charge for the chosen employment sponsorship visa subclass.

Sponsor Skilled Overseas Worker with employment sponsorship visa

How do I decide which visa subclass suits my skilled overseas worker?

You can decide the best visa subclass that suits your skilled overseas worker by considering these three important factors:

1. Location of Your Business Operates

The location where your business operates plays an important role in deciding which visa subclass that suits your skilled overseas worker. It is especially important if your business operates in the Australian Regional Area.

Certain employment sponsorship visas work specifically for business that operates in Australian Regional Area or specifically for business that has Designated Area Migration Agreements with the Australian Government.

2. Occupation that is on Demand in Your Business

It is important as the occupation will decide which streams would be best for your skilled overseas worker. You must understand first that there are three different types of Skilled Occupation List, which are the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL); the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL); and the Regional Occupation List (ROL).

You have to carefully check which occupation list that has your occupation.

3. Background of Your Skilled Overseas Worker

This is no less important. The background of your skilled overseas worker will decide which visa that suits them. You have to cross check their background with the requirements for each visa subclass.

It is quite confusing, but don’t worry, because ONEderland Consulting is here to assist you in finding the best visa option for your skilled overseas worker.

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Can ONEderland Consulting Assist in Sponsorship Application?

Yes, surely. ONEderland Consulting has been successfully assisting businesses in Australia in sponsoring their skilled overseas workers.

We provide full assistance including the Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS), Labour Market Testing (LMT), to visa application processes. Other than that, we will also assist you in finding the best visa option for your skilled overseas worker, and assist them with all required documentation, including Skills Assessment, etc.

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Do you need assistance in sponsoring a skilled overseas worker?

Those are just general information for a business owner to sponsor skilled overseas worker to Australia.

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