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The 7 Important Partner Visa Information to Understand


7 Important Information of Partner Visa Australia

Are you currently in a relationship with an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or Eligible New Zealand Citizen? Did you know that you can apply for Australian Partner Visa so you don’t have to be in a long distance relationship? But, before lodging an Australian Partner Visa application, be sure to understand these 7 important information!

  1. What is the legal marriage in Australia?
  2. What is the de facto relationship for Partner Visa application?
  3. What is registering your relationship to Australian state means?
  4. What are the 2 stages of Partner Visa application?
  5. What is the chance of getting a direct permanent residency?
  6. What is the Bridging Visa for Partner Visa application?
  7. What if the relationship cease during the application process?

Australian Partner Visa is dedicated for the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or Eligible New Zealand citizen. Over the last few years there have been a number of changes and adjustments to the Partner visa. These changes are mostly beneficial to all applicants.

If you are considering applying for a Partner visa Australia, the below Partner Visa information will be helpful in understanding the requirements and processes.

Partner Visa Australia Facts & Information

We have compiled 7 important facts and information about Australian Partner Visa you must know.

1. Legal marriage in Australia

If you have been married in Australia or overseas, you must ensure that your marriage is legal and valid under Australian law. Generally, the following marriages (either held in or outside Australia) are not accepted under Australian law:

  • polygamous marriages; 
  • marriages between individuals in an illegal degree of relationship; 
    • a person and their ancestor or descendent (parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, etc.);
    • siblings (who may be full blood or half blood).
  • marriages between minors (under 18 years of age).

2. De facto Relationship for Partner Visa Australia

To satisfy the requirements of a De Facto relationship for a Partner Visa application, you must demonstrate that you have been living together with your partner for at least 12 months before the visa application is made.

In addition, you must show that you are not married to each other, that you are both committed to a shared life to the exclusion of all others, that your relationship is genuine and continuing, that you live together on a permanent basis and that you are not related by family.

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3. Registering Your Relationship to the Australian State

Registering your relationship to the Australian state can strengthen your Partner Visa application, especially if you’re in a de facto relationship. Relationship registration is available in all Australian states, except in Western Australia and all Australian territories.

You can apply for a registration of relationship even if you have not lived together for 12 months, even though the requirements need you to show that you are currently living together, there is no minimum time frame you will need to prove.

Partner Visa Information

4. 2 Stages of Partner Visa Application

The next information you should understand is that there are two different subclasses of Partner Visa Australia, which are the Onshore Partner Visa Australia (subclass 820/801) and Offshore Partner Visa (subclass 309/100).

Each of these Partner visa subclasses has two application stages:

  1. Temporary Partner Visa, which includes subclass 820 visa (onshore) and subclass 309 visa (offshore); and
  2. Permanent Partner Visa, which includes subclass 801 visa (onshore) and subclass 100 visa (offshore).

The Temporary Partner visa is generally granted first. Then, after 2 years if the relationship is still continuing and ongoing, you will be eligible for the Permanent Partner Visa.

You would need to supply current updated police checks, evidence of you both living together, your financials, your social life and both you and your partner would need to make a statement letter on your relationship.

You will be able to work, study, and travel in Australia and be eligible for Medicare.

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5. Chance of Getting Direct Permanent Residency

As explained above, the general process of Partner Visa application involves two stages, in which you must be granted the Temporary Partner Visa first, then the Permanent Partner Visa around 2 years later.

However, you may have a chance of getting the direct permanent residency. In a way that you will be granted both Temporary Partner Visa and Permanent Partner Visa at the same time. This opportunity comes based on case-by-case. You may have this chance when you’ve been in a long and committed relationship, like being married for more than 3 years or having a dependent child with your partner.

6. Bridging Visa for Partner Visa application

When you apply for the Onshore Partner Visa application, you will get a Bridging Visa. The Bridging Visa allows you to live in Australia legally while waiting for the decision of your Partner Visa application.

Other than living legally in Australia, you will get benefits of full permit to work and study in Australia.

7. Relationship Cessation During Application Process

We’re sure that no one would hope for this, but we’ll never know what the future will bring us. So, in case your relationship ceases while your Partner Visa is being processed, you must know this fact for sure.

If your relationship ceases, you must inform the Department of Home Affairs right away. The first thing you will get is an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs to comment on the relationship cessation. After that, your Partner Visa application will be cancelled, and your Bridging Visa will be valid for 28 days.

But, depending on your case, you may still have a chance to get your Australian Partner Visa. It is usually possible when your relationship ceased due to domestic violence (where you’re the victim) or that you have a dependent child with your partner or that your partner passed away during the process.

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Are you ready to lodge your Partner Visa application?

You now understand these 7 important information about Partner Visa application.

But, that’s just the beginning.

It is possible to submit your Partner Visa application on your own. However, there’s a good chance you’ll be turned down, and that will cost you far more than you have.

The Australian immigration authorities advise anyone applying for a Partner Visa to consult a registered migration agent in light of these facts.

If you and your partner want to live together in Australia, don’t take the chance for granted. Don’t let little errors in your application or documentation submission destroy your dream. While it seems simple, a Partner Visa application is a drawn-out, intricate process.

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Partner visa is not just filling out the application forms. It requires more than just being in a loving and long standing relationship with each other to lodge a valid Partner visa application.

Every relationship is different and unique, but to obtain a visa, your relationship must be presented in the way that can satisfy Australian Immigration requirements.

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