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Skilled Migration Visa Invitation Round 2022-2023 – State Sponsored


Skilled Migration Visa Invitation Round 2022-2023 – State Sponsored

The invitation round 2022 shows thousands of invitations were issued for skilled visa, especially the skilled nomination visa. Last update that Australia has issued invitations from July 1 to December 31 2022, for each state, and the nominations for skilled migrations worker are listed and summarized by ONE derland Consulting in the table below:

Table Skilled Migration Visa Invitations Numbers

States and Territories Skilled Migration Visa Invitations Numbers
Subclass 491 Subclass 190
New South Wales 871 2.375
Victoria 1.082 4.105
South Australia 1.512 2.846
Queensland 472 712
Western Australia 420 830
Tasmania 565 931
Australian Capital Territory 855 411
Northern Territory 297 298
Total Invitations 3.394 12.210

Source: Australian immigration: State-wise update on skilled migration visa nomination programs for 2022-23

In February 2023, Australia updated each state’s nomination invitation round 2022 numbers early for skilled nomination workers, and each state’s nomination for the skilled migration workers program in 2022-2023 was announced early to measure the processing times for the larger volume of visa applications.

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Table Skilled Migration Visa Program 2022-2023

States and Territories Skilled Migration Visa Program 2022-2023
Subclass 491 Subclass 190 Subclass 888
New South Wales 6.168 9.108 260
Victoria 3.400 11.500 170
South Australia 5.300 2.700 70
Queensland 2.000 3.000 235
Western Australia 2.790 5.350 40
Tasmania 2.250 2.000 10
Australian Capital Territory 2.025 2.025 10
Northern Territory 1.400 600 15
Total Invitations 25.333 36.283 810

Source: Migration Program planning levels

Based on the table, we can see that some states allocate more numbers way bigger than received quotas during the invitation round 2022.

This migration program 2022-2023 also tells us that the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) or Subclass 888 are likely to get allocations numbers for each state’s nominations.

invitation round 2022 -ONE Derland Consulting

What is possibly affected by the early invitation round?

Those invitation round 2022 are generated by experts that stated that there would be a surge in invitations under state-nominated programs in the coming months.

Blagging behind its allocated quotas is caused by–some states that received overwhelming numbers of invitations nominated for visas for the State Nomination Migration Program.

The immigration party with temporary visas is back like a bullet. After the COVID-19 pandemic, The Department of Home Affairs summarizes as of December 2022, there were 2,386,771 temporary visa holders in Australia, up to 16.7% from December 2021.

Source: Temporary visa tsunami hits Australia – MacroBusiness

It can lead to decisions and conclusions at least that the experts agreed that onshore temporary visa holders would be prioritized in skilled migration workers’ nominations.

How does this affect you?

It can be your opportunity to join the party of Immigration to Australia, and be one of the luckiest to be in the invitation round Australia. The processing times could differ for each visa depending on the lodge of your application dates.

This visa immigration could also provide a refusal for every component to be granted for their visa, mostly because of how small numbers for each state are open for the migrants to get granted a visa.

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More about the general visa information is provided on our websites to choose the best options for you as a skilled worker that aims to settle in Australia permanently. Also, if you’re still wondering about the progress of your skilled nomination visa and how to be granted with all of your eligible requirements, acknowledge it more with us.

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