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Iranian Migrant Fighting New South Wales Fires

One year ago, Iranian migrant named Iman Shirinia was preparing to be released from immigration detention after coming to Australia by boat.

Now, this iranian migrant becoming an Australian permanent resident and is currently fighting the devastating New South Wales fires of October, 2013.

Iman Shirinia is an active member of the ACT Parks Rural Fire Brigade.

When discussing his journey about travelling to Australia and why he had to leave Iran, his response was “It was my only choice.”

His firefighting buddies all say that he is a valued and well-liked member of the team.

“Honestly, I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have on the firetruck,” ACT Parks Rural Fire Brigade member Ross McMilan says.

“He’s a pleasure to work with, and I’m very proud to work with him.”

“I’ve been helped by a lot of people in Australia, and I think [firefighting] is a way I can give the favour back,” the 31-year old Iman says.

As a permanent resident of Australia, Iman is happy to be involved in the community and living the Australian lifestyle.

Iman is a great example of Iranian Migrant succeeding in Australia and our welcoming of multiculturalism surrounding us.

Unfortunately, as Iman did not apply by the preferred methods and came by boat, he had to spend a long time in an immigration detention centre. Now that he is released into the community, he is placed on a special humanitarian visa.

By applying by the preferred methods and lodging an application through the Department of Immigration & Border Protection with the assistance of an agent, your journey to Australia will be much more smooth and you will have a choice of visa.

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Published On: May 4th, 2016 / Categories: News /

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