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Latest Summary Australian Immigration Changes for 2019


Latest Summary Australian Immigration Changes for 2019

Hello everyone, happy new year and as our tradition, we will inform you with the early year summary of latest Australian Immigration changes in 2019.

The department of Home Affairs and the Australian Government is vigorous in changing policies and procedures when it comes to migration. This is mainly due to new bills being passed or changes in the Australian Laws.

So what are the Australian immigration changes you ask?

There are a number of changes to previous procedures and policies, as well as new visa subclasses that the Australian Government will be implementing in 2019.

Below we take a look at just some of the proposed Australian immigration changes along with the explanations.

Australian Partner Visas Changes 2019

One of the earliest Australian Immigration Changes happen in November 2018 when the Australian Government passed the family Violence Bill. For a Partner Visa application this now means that a sponsor must be approved prior to the partner visa application being made. This means longer processing times for the Partner visa applications.

The passing of this bill ensures that a sponsor meets all of the character requirements before the application is made for the partner visa. This will establish the safety of the applicant and decrease the family violence statistics in Australia.

No commencement date has been announced as yet, however the 1st July is the start of the new Financial Year in Australia and usually when changes to pricing and visa requirements are made.

Australian Student Visas Changes 2019

Overseas students will now have an increased financial requirement that must be met to be eligible. A single overseas student will need to demonstrate financial evidence of $20,290 Australian dollars. Should an applicant be including their partner, a further $7,100 AUD will be required. Bringing a child will incur an extra $3,040 per child.

Australian Parent Visas Changes 2019

A new parent visa will be introduced and rolled out in 2019. The Provisional Sponsored Parent Visa will allow permanent residents of Australia who hold a valid visa, to bring their parents to Australia.

The Provisional Sponsored Parent Visa is a temporary visa allowing the parents of a Permanent Resident or Australian National to stay temporarily in Australia. There will be 2 validity periods of 3 or 5 years that will be approved at the discretion of the Department of Home Affairs.

Australian Skilled and Working Visas 2019

The Department of Home Affairs will work closely with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to ensure holders of a temporary skilled and working visa are paid the correctly nominated salary. Tax file numbers will be collected and checked regularly to ensure employer sponsored immigrants are not being underpaid

Commencement dates for the above changes have not yet been advised. Changes to migration policies, pricing and procedures traditionally occur on the 1st of July the end of the Australian Financial Year.  Be sure to check our website regularly for updates.

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