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Is Migrating to Australia Still Worth It in 2024?


10 Reasons to Migrate to Australia Permanently

Migrating to Australia will always be music to everyone’s ear. Australia is still a desirable destination for immigrants due to its strong economy and high standard of living, but is it as rosy as it seems?

The global appeal of Australia is evident, given the astounding number-548,800 in 2023- of people that arrive there on either a temporary or permanent visa each year.

To give you a fair judgement, we’ve selected ten solid reasons why you should include Australia in your migration plans for 2024!

1. Strong Job Opportunities

Australia, known as ‘the land of opportunity,’ is undergoing rapid transformation due to its robust economy. This economic strength fuels growth in various industries, creating surplus business initiatives and work prospects. With the lowest unemployment rates in the world and the highest minimum salary, Australia is a magnet for foreign workers seeking fulfilling job opportunities. The national equal opportunity laws further promote inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, inspiring hope and offering a promising future to potential immigrants.

Australia offers an intriguing work-life balance with its conventional workweek of 38 hours, Monday through Friday, as well as significant annual leave and public holidays. This balanced combination of social and professional fulfilment adds to the well-known relaxed Australian lifestyle, attracting potential employees worldwide.

2. Best Healthcare Systems

Australia is home to one of the best healthcare systems in the world – it’s the best number 3 – supported by Medicare, the country’s program for universal health coverage.

Under the public healthcare system, this extensive program covers most medical costs for Australian citizens and permanent residents, including doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications. Provided by a mandatory Medicare levy collected from taxpayer income, it guarantees low-cost or frequently free medical care. In addition, Medicare also covers a portion of the cost of specialist visits and specific medical procedures, further reducing the financial burden on individuals.

The Government also provides interim Medicare, which is special for those applying for a permanent visa but still on a bridging visa. So, though you’re not a permanent resident yet, you’re still entitled to the public healthcare system.

Australians have access to top-notch healthcare, distinguished by streamlined care processes, excellent accessibility, administrative efficiency, and fantastic healthcare outcomes. There is a 2% tax for individuals earning more than a particular level. It is understandable why Australia has one of the highest life expectancies in the developed world.

3. Fantastic Australian Education Systems

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world, with a 13-year curriculum designed to prepare students for life. Up until the age of sixteen, everyone must pursue an education, starting from the early years of preschool and continuing through the formative years of primary and secondary school.

Thanks to a standardised curriculum that guarantees uniform quality nationwide, students have a consistent and superior educational experience. Switching from high school to tertiary education can lead to various professional paths since colleges and universities provide both domestic and international students with various choices. Under the auspices of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), educational establishments maintain stringent guidelines established by the federal Government.

Australian schools embrace diversity and offer a multicultural attitude through their curriculum, which ranges from English to various languages and beyond. Students can customise their educational experience to suit their interests and goals by choosing elective studies and core disciplines. In fact, the promise of an Australian education acts as a beacon, luring people to Australia in search of varied opportunities and intellectual brilliance from all over the world.

Advantages of Migrating to Australia

4. Open Opportunity to Become a Citizen

The opportunity to become an Australian citizen is open to everyone. The Government provides various ways to become a permanent resident, which is the main requirement for citizenship. These include Skilled Migration for skilled workers, family migration for the family members of citizens or permanent residents, and Asylum programs for those who need protection.

Once you have obtained permanent residency, you can apply for citizenship after living in Australia for a certain period, usually four years. The application process involves a citizenship test and an interview to assess your knowledge of Australia and your commitment to Australian values.

Another great thing is that Australia acknowledges double citizenship, so you don’t have to risk your first citizenship.

5. Better Lifestyle

A good balance between work and play typifies the cheerful, easygoing Australian way of life. In Australia, the goal of life is to completely experience it instead of letting work take all of your time.

The Australian way of life is centred on leisure activities outside the office, reflecting a deeply established friendliness and a preference for fun. This combination of work-life balance results in a lively, free lifestyle full of outdoor activities, sports, barbecues, and beach outings. Based on the ideals of joy, friendliness, and family, Australian culture cherishes customs like Australia Day barbecues, Christmas Day backyard cricket matches, and weekend trips to the beach.

6. Secure and Safe Country

With one of the lowest crime rates worldwide, Australia stands out as one of the safest and most secure nations globally. This is ascribed to the Government’s integrity and stability and the adoption of strong legislation and reforms.

Notably, strict gun laws have allowed Australia to minimise gun-related crimes with unprecedented success. Although there are occasionally risks from natural disasters like cyclones and bushfires, watchful local officials have implemented efficient warning systems to protect populations far in advance.

A comforting police presence in every town and big metropolis guarantees the safety and well-being of citizens. Australian police actively participate in crime prevention programs, promptly respond to assistance requests, and diligently investigate crimes to uphold justice. In addition, Australia has implemented strict gun control laws, significantly reducing the risk of gun-related crimes. These measures and the Government’s commitment to maintaining law and order contribute to Australia’s reputation as a safe and secure country.

Additionally, they actively encourage safe driving practices, enhancing Australian society’s general order and safety. Australia is desirable for people looking to migrate permanently because of its dedication to creating safe and secure communities.

7. Multicultural Country

Australia is a country rich in cultural diversity and vibrancy. Its multicultural population, which comes from all over the world, gives its society unparalleled vibrancy. Australia strongly embraces multiculturalism, evident in places like Little Italy and the busy alleys of Chinatown.

Any city you enter will take you on a worldwide gastronomic journey. Australia’s eating scene is a monument to its cosmopolitan spirit, whether through the savoury delights of Mexican cuisine or the aromatic spices of Indian cuisine.

It’s not all about the cuisine, though. Australia’s communities, each a patchwork of cultures and practices, flourish in small, tightly-knit areas throughout the country. Diversity is cherished and woven into the fabric of Australian culture, as shown in the colourful celebrations of the Greek festival in Melbourne, the vibrant Lunar New Year festivities in Sydney’s Chinatown, and the lively get-togethers at Italian clubs. These events not only showcase the diversity of cultures in Australia but also provide opportunities for cultural exchange and understanding.

Furthermore, acceptance of other cultures is reciprocal. Those looking for a new home are drawn to Australia by the country’s warm welcome and acceptance. It is a city where diversity is accepted and cherished, and each culture has a spot on lively streets honouring its history.

Diversity is not merely a catchphrase but a way of life in Australia.

8. Great Weather

With eight states and territories, Australia offers a symphony of climates and its weather dances to the beat of diversity. Whether you’re more inclined to the temperate south or the sun-kissed north, each area creates a unique masterpiece of weather phenomena.

Temperatures in the tropical north rise to dizzying heights, often flirting with 40 degrees Celsius, while winter brings a sharp chill to the southern regions, with towns like Hobart, Tasmania, frequently experiencing bone-chilling lows of 4.5 degrees Celsius.

However, despite this climatic rainbow, Australia’s weather pattern has a certain allure. Every season has a story, from the sweltering summers of December to February to the golden hues of autumn from March to May and the icy grip of winter from June to August.

The best part is that bright days are always ahead, no matter where you live. When the southern winds blow cold in the winter, many Australians travel to warmer regions in search of the unattainable summertime.

The weather in Australia, therefore, promises a kaleidoscope of experiences, each more fascinating than the previous, whether you’re lounging in Victoria’s cool embrace or sweltering in Queensland’s blazing heat.

Why Migrate to Australia

9. Low Pollution

Australia is a vast country, yet its population density is minor compared to its size. The most amazing part is that, despite its size, it has the lowest levels of air pollution worldwide. Imagine that every breath you take is a sip of unadulterated, pure air—a luxury distinguishing Australia internationally.

Many people find this magnificent landscape calling them to travel like a sweet song to Australia. In a place where environmental concern is deeply ingrained, living in harmony with nature is just as important as the prospect of a better life.

Australia is teeming with environmentally conscious projects, from the soaring skyscrapers of its big cities to the charming hamlets scattered throughout its countryside. Imagine ecologically friendly structures, a rise in renewable energy, and a strong dedication to recycling. Not to mention the automobiles on the road—green cars are pretty popular in this area.

However, the passion for tidying up continues. Communities gather nationwide on “Clean Up Australia Day,” a campaign to restore public areas to their natural beauty. Volunteers put on their work gloves and buckets provided by the local councils and clean up the streets, parks, and beaches.

10. Great Place to Travel

Australia is a large continent encircled by the ocean, and its diverse landforms and marine environments entice travellers. Every part of this country delivers a wealth of experiences, from the untamed coasts to the serene islands and expansive views.

Go into the heart of the outback, where rare species can roam freely or let yourself become lost in the lush embrace of the northern tropical rainforests. But Australia is more than its natural beauty; its cities are vibrant hubs of activity and its beaches sparkle in the golden light of the setting sun.

The draw of Australia’s country is too strong for many people to resist. Australia is a huge country, so the choices are virtually limitless. Furthermore, it’s easy to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of this country with the abundance of excursions and adventure packages available.

There are numerous modes of transportation available to make travelling throughout Australia easy. Australia has everything you could possibly want, be it the ease of flying, the tranquillity of sailing, or the freedom of taking to the open road.

Every major city has a robust public transportation network, making travelling to every part of the nation simple. With its well-connected transportation system, travelling around Australia is easy, whether you take a train, bus, or tram.

Is Migrating to Australia in 2024 Getting Difficult?

Migrating to Australia might be more difficult in 2024 compared to previous years. Australia has been relying on migrants for years. Many changes have been made to its migration program, and the expected changes in 2024 worry prospective migrants.

As usual, the Government announced its migration plans for the 2024-25 program year, and the expected net migration overseas is down almost 50% to 268,000 places only (as mentioned before, more than 500,000 migrants came in 2023). Many issues are affecting the Australian migration system in 2024, including the main housing problems and inflation in Australia, forcing the Government to work hard to balance everything.

The expected changes are mostly challenging for international students as the Government found the number of international students arriving in the country is getting higher each year since Covid. Most of those international students also stay in the country, hopping from one temporary visa to another, promoting something the Government called “permanent temporariness”.

Read more: 2024-25 Migration Program Planning Levels

Is migrating to Australia still worth it in 2024?

Despite all the changes and challenges in the Australian immigration program, migrating to Australia is still worth it in 2024. It is still a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a diverse range of experiences, a high standard of living, numerous career opportunities, top-notch education, a friendly multicultural community, and an unmatched connection to the wonders of nature. Making this move promises endless possibilities and a happy, fulfilled life.

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