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10 Reasons to Migrate to Australia Permanently


10 Reasons to Migrate to Australia Permanently

Have you thought of migrating to Australia on a permanent basis?

Wondering why so many people choose Australia to be their home?

Here is 10 reasons why many foreigners chose to migrating to Australia permanently.

1. Great Weather

Australia is known for its beautiful and diverse weather.

Australia’s climate varies greatly throughout the eight states and territories and depending on which part of Australia you would like to live in, will depend on the type of weather.

For example, in the north of Australia it is very hot and temperatures can reach high to a soaring 40+ degrees Celsius, whereas in the southern parts of Australia temperatures can be milder and a lot colder in the winter time.

As an example, the weather in Hobart Tasmania can be a cold 4.5 degrees and sometimes even lower.

The great thing about the weather in Australia is its diversity.

December to February is summer, where warmer temperatures are reached in every state.

March to May is autumn, again autumn is had in every state, yet temperatures will vary.

June to August is winter, colder in the Southern parts of Australia than those of central or north Australia and September to November is spring.

Many Australians, will travel to other parts of Australia in winter where it may be warmer and less wet.

No matter which part of Australia you chose to migrate, you can be guaranteed some sunny days.

2. Fantastic Australian Education Systems

Australia’s education system and institutions are regarded as one of the best in the world. Schools in Australia last for 13 years.

From preschool at an early age, a child will then attend primary school. Primary school starts from grade prep up until grade 6 and then High school from Year 7 through to year 12.

School in Australia is compulsory for all children up until the age of 16.

This is a standard across Australia and the Australian education system has established a standard curriculum so every person will be given the same quality of education.

Most school goers will continue on from high school to tertiary schooling. This is where they will chose a career path and attend a college or university.

Australia’s colleges and universities are very diverse and offer many opportunities for international students to come and study abroad in Australia.

All universities and tertiary education institutions in Australia must follow the “Australian Qualifications Framework” or AFQ, a guideline set by the National Government of Australia to ensure quality of education.

Subjects offered in Australian schools are diverse and multicultural. For example, English is a standard subject across Australia, yet so are other languages.

In high school, the student along with their parents are able to choose what subjects they would like to learn, with English, Math, Science and History being standard and compulsory, a student may choose to take French, Drama, Psychology, and legal studies too.

As an example. An Australian Education is one of the most common reasons for people to migrating to Australia.

3. Multicultural Country

Australia is a very diverse and multicultural country.

Its people come from all walks of life and community is a very important part of the Australian society.

Australia has one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse populations in the world.

It embraces the culture and values of its foreign friends and this is often seen in the diversity of the country’s food, lifestyle and cultural practices.

Migrants from all over the world have immigrated to Australia and brought their culinary traditions with them.

It is not uncommon to be able to eat almost anything you desire, from Greek cuisine to Italian, Chinese, French, Indian, Mexican, Thai and much more.

In fact you will even find special places dedicated solely to a particular country, for example China town, where almost every restaurant, and retail store is dedicated to the Chinese culture.

These places are popular destinations for Australians to visit on a night out for dinner.

Many cities and towns in Australia will have small communities, for different cultures.

You may find an Italian club, or Turkish community, where events may often be held, like dinners, dances, or religious or cultural events, bringing together those in the community from the same background whilst welcoming others who are not.

Many festivals are also held throughout Australia in its cities, to celebrate diversity and embrace culture.

For example in Melbourne, the Greek festival occurs once every year.

The Greek Orthodox Parish and Community brings Greek Food, Greek Music & Dancing as well as traditional sweets, and Entertainment for children and families in Melbourne.

Lonsdale Street in Melbourne is closed for this special event and is attended in record numbers by all.

In fact in every city of Australia, you will find at least one street solely dedicated to a particular culture.

Much like china town, these streets will host events, restaurants, and authentic wares from the particular country it represents.

The warmth and embracement of foreign culture and community is also a common reason people will chose to migrating to Australia.

4. Better Healthcare Systems

Australia’s healthcare is among the best in the world.

Medicare is Australia’s universal health care system and health insurance program.

The Medicare health scheme subsidises most medical costs in Australia for all Australian citizens and permanent residents, in the public healthcare system.

Medicare is funded by the taxpayer by a Medicare levy, which is compulsory and administered through the tax system.

All Australian’s pay a certain amount of tax from their wages and earnings and this funds the Medicare health system, allowing medical treatments to come at a discounted rate and in most cases free.

The current Medicare levy, paid by Australians who earn over a certain income is 2%.

The Medicare health system in Australia is world class and the care process, access, administrative efficiency, and healthcare outcomes are at the forefront of Healthcare.

Australia has one of the highest life expectancies in the developed world.

5. Strong Job Opportunities

Australia is a fast developing country and has been labeled as “the land of opportunity”.

With a fast growing economy, many industries are expanding, creating more business, and in turn creating more jobs.

Unemployment levels are low in Australia and the minimum wages are the highest in the world.

This makes working in Australia very attractive to many foreigners.

With equal opportunity laws nationwide, equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination in the workplace means that there is diversity in the workplace and employees can come from a wide range of backgrounds.

The average working hours in Australia are 38 hours per week, Monday to Friday and a full-time employee is entitled to four weeks annual leave as well as public holidays.

It’s easy to see why working in Australia is so attractive.

Australians are able to have a good work and social life balance and this is what contributes to the laidback Australian lifestyle.

6. Great Place to Travel

Australia is a large continent surrounded by water.

With beautiful coastlines, small islands, and vast landscapes, travelling within Australia is guaranteed to meet all tastes.

From the unique wildlife of the outback, and the tropical rainforests of the north to the dazzling cities and beaches it’s easy to see why many Australians will chose to travel in their own country before venturing overseas.

Because Australia is so big, there is so much to see and do, and with many tours and adventure packages readily available, experiencing all that Australia has to offer is easy.

Travelling around and within Australia is effortless, with many forms of transportation accessible.

You can travel within Australia by plane, boat, car, train, bus, ferry and many more.

Every major city in Australia has public transport systems in place.

Trains, buses, trams and taxis that operate Australia wide.

You can even hire your own car or campervan and drive yourself to your desired destination.

Road trips are a common and popular way to travel around Australia, allowing the travelers to see and experience the amazing landscapes and small towns.

7. Secure and Safe Country

Australia is one of the safest and securest countries in the world.

In fact Australia, has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

This is due to a stable and uncorrupt government and the passing of laws and reforms.

For example, Australia has the lowest gun involved crimes in the world, due to the passing of laws that prohibits access to firearms.

The most dangerous occurrences in Australia are natural disasters, such as cyclones and bushfires that can affect some parts of states and territories.

However local authorities have warning systems in place, that alert the community in danger prior to the event, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those in the affected area and community.

Police presence in every town, and major city in Australia, is common, with every state and territory having police services responsible for the safety and protection of the community in their jurisdiction.

Police in Australia respond to calls for assistance in matters of personal and public safety, emergencies and serious incidents.

They prevent crime through a range of proactive community safety programs and they investigate offences, and bring to justice those responsible for committing the crime.

Police also govern and Promote safe road-user behaviors.

Overall, Australia provides safe, secure communities, and an orderly society. This adds to reasons that convince foreigners to migrate to Australia permanently.

8. Better Lifestyle

The Australian lifestyle is often referred to as carefree, laidback and easy.

This may be due to the equal balance of work and home life.

Life in Australia is such that one works to live, and doesn’t live to work.

Enjoying yourself outside the office is a main feature of the Australian lifestyle.

Australians are very sociable people and leisure is a very important aspect in their lives.

Bringing the two together results in the fun, free and laidback lifestyle.

Many Australians enjoy the outdoors and with it sports, barbeques, and beach life.

The Australian culture is molded on family, friends, fun and enjoyment of life.

Traditions are also valued and include things such as backyard cricket with the family on Christmas day or a barbeque on Australia day, with friends.

Sport, is treated as a tradition, in fact it is celebrated and enjoyed across the country, with AFL (Australian Football League) season watched and attended by one and all.

Australians take their football very seriously and grand final day is most anticipated of them all, usually resulting in family and friend gatherings at home in front of the Television, or crowds of football fans watching the big game in the local pub.

Overall the Australian lifestyle is one that is made to be enjoyed.

The carefree laid-back outlook on life and focus on fun and leisure, makes the decision of migrating to Australia is very appealing.

9. Low Pollution

Australia is a large country and densely populated.

It has the lowest air pollution level in the world, meaning the air you breathe is fresh and cleaner than that of other countries.

Many foreigners made this argument as a strong reasons why they choose to migrating to Australia.

Australia is very environmentally conscious as a nation and all of the local governments responsible for Australia’s capital cities have schemes in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including ecofriendly buildings, renewable energy, recycling and ecofriendly motor vehicles.

Australia as a nation and people take pride in a clean country and littering is strictly prohibited. Communities all over Australia take part in “Clean up Australia day” an initiative where a day is dedicated to cleaning up public areas such as beaches, and parks.

Local councils provide free gloves, buckets and other incentives to those who volunteer their time to clean up Australia.

Not only is this day for keeping Australia beautiful, it’s a good excuse to get out and meet others in the community, make friends and enjoy the day.

10. Wonderful Flora and Fauna

Australia is best known for its wonderful array of unique animals that can be found nowhere else in the world.

Among these are the well-known Kangaroo, Koala, echidna, dingo, platypus, wallaby and wombat.

There are also other species of animal unique to Australia, and in fact unique to certain parts of Australia.

Take the Tasmanian Devil for example.

This small yet vicious creature can only be found in Tasmania, an Island of Australia located south of Victoria.

Not only are the animals unique to Australia, but the fauna is too.

There is more diversity in the fauna of Australia than anywhere else in the world.

These native plants include plants such as eucalypts, acacias, hummock grasses and flowering plants, including banksias and kangaroo paw.

These plants cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and more than 12,000 species of wildflowers can be found across Australia.

The array of wonderful gardens, rainforests and natural parks is endless.

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