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New Face of Australian Migration Program Coming in 2024


New Australia Migration Strategy 2024: See How It Affects You

The Australian Government announced the new migration strategy on 11 December 2023, and it is expected to be in place in 2024. It shows reformation planning for certain aspects such as on student visa requirement, temporary graduate visa requirement, permanent skilled migration program, and even more creating a new visa program called skills in demand visa.

We have summarised all key changes and how these will affect you.

Expected Changes on Student Visa Requirements

New Migration Strategy with Genuine Student Test

The purpose is to reduce the misuse of the Student Visa program by those whose main intention is to work instead of to study. The Genuine Student Test will assess the international students’ incentives to return home.

Higher English Proficiency Requirements

The following English proficiency requirements will apply in early 2024:

  • IELTS 5.0 or equivalent for ELICOS student visa applicants
  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent for student visa applicants undertaking foundation or pathway programs with reputable English language training
  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent for other student visa applicants
  • IELTS 6.5 or equivalent for Temporary Graduate visa applicants

No More Visa Hopping for Students and Student Providers

Due to the lack of opportunities for permanent residency, there is an increasing number of “permanently temporary” former international students residing in Australia. The government will impose restrictions on onshore visa hopping that promotes “permanent temporariness” and jeopardises system integrity.

migration strategy for student visa

Expected Changes on Temporary Graduate Visa Requirements

Reduced Length of Visa Validity

The following will apply in 2024:

  • Bachelor degree or Masters by coursework: 2 years
  • Masters by research or PhD: 3 years
  • Students in regional areas: eligibility for second visa of 1-2 years in length depending on location

And the previous 2 year extension for certain graduates will be eliminated too.

New Migration Strategy for Age Requirement

The maximum age requirement for Temporary Graduate Visa will be reduced to 35 years old (previously 50 years old).

New Migration Strategy: Skills in Demand Visa

Skills in Demand visa is planned to replace the Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) Visa. The visa will have 3 different pathways:

  • Specialist Skills Pathway
    • No lists of occupations (aside from labourers, machinery operators, and drivers)
    • Demands yearly incomes equal to the new Specialist Skills Threshold, which is set at $135,000 initially and will be adjusted annually.
    • Quick processing: the government has promised a median visa processing time of seven days.
  • Core Skills Pathway
    • Income must be at least TSMIT, which is currently $70,000, but it must be adjusted yearly.
    • A more straightforward and frequently updated Core Skills Occupation List for jobs that Jobs and Skills Australia has determined are in short supply or for jobs that are specified in international trade agreements.
    • It is most likely that most skilled workers will come through this pathway with likely similar process as the current visa program
  • Essential Skills Pathway

The government is currently assessing further ways to improve this TSMIT pathway for lower-paid workers who possess necessary skills and are sponsored by labour agreements. Many of these workers currently receive sponsorship.

These new arrangements would be subject to additional advice from Jobs and Skills Australia and its tripartite mechanisms. They would also be sector-specific, capped, embedded with stronger regulation and minimum standards.

Other pathways are also coming with more certain pathways to Australian permanent residency, hoping skilled workers won’t be stuck in limbo.

migration strategy 2024

New Face on Permanent Skilled Migration

The following key changes are found on the new migration strategy:

  • Changing the points system to more accurately identify the immigrants who will propel Australia’s long-term economic growth
  • Requirements for permanent residence will be satisfied by time worked for any approved employer.
  • In addition to employer-sponsored pathways, holders of Skills in Demand visas will have access to self-nominated independent permanent pathways.
  • The creation of a new Talent and Innovation visa that would encourage creative business ventures and investments.

However, the details have not been announced yet. Further consultations on these key changes will be discussed in 2024.

Here’s How the New Strategy will Affect You

For Student Visa Candidates

If you’re looking at submitting a Student Visa application in 2024, you must prepare yourself to meet the English requirements and pass the Genuine Student Test. You may consider taking English test preparation from now on and prepare any documentation that relates to your incentives to return home after completing your study.

Also, it is best to consider the best course that suits your interest and skills to avoid visa hopping or changing the course over time once you arrive in Australia.

If your main intention is to work in Australia, consider the work visa options available and you can discuss it with us.

For International Students Looking at 485 Visa

If your qualification falls for the additional 2 years extension, you may consider extending your Temporary Graduate Visa soon before the extension is vanished.

Also, if you’re above 35 but under 50 and looking at applying for Temporary Graduate Visa, consider to prepare and lodge your application soon before the government implements the new age requirement.

Skills in Demand and Permanent Skilled Migration Program Seekers

This is a great opportunity for you who wish to work in Australia and to get a certain pathway to Permanent Residency. However, you need to wait for the final result after consultation in 2024.

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