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No More Visa On Arrival For Indonesian 2015

No More Visa On Arrival For Indonesian 2015

Indonesia has decided to waive the $35 per person visa-on-arrival fee, starting from January, 2015.

Australia, South Korea, Russia, China and Japan are the 5 Countries so far that are waiving the visa-on-arrival fee.

Indonesia Government has stated by waiving the $35 visa-on-arrival fee it would generate approximately 450,000 additional foreign tourists per year to Indonesia, promoting tourism growth.  It is estimated that US $11.3 million will be lost per year with scrapping the visa-on-arrival but with the influx of additional tourists they should gain approximately US $540 million per year.

Based on research countries that implemented the visa-free policies were getting an additional 5-25% growth in foreign tourist numbers.

Currently Indonesia allows visa-free visits from ASEAN citizens, the wealthy Chinese Territories of Hong Kong and Macau and four other countries.

There will also be the introduction of third-country visas in 2015 for people who have gained entry to Singapore and Malaysia going to Indonesia and will be granted visa-free access.

Currently the 15 countries eligible to enter and stay in Indonesia without a visa for 30 days are:



This will be a positive step forward for the tourism in Indonesia and the 5 Countries who will benefit from the waiver of the visa-on-arrival.


Published On: December 15th, 2014 / Categories: News /

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