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Options For Parent Migration Australia During Pandemic


Options For Parent Migration Australia During Pandemic

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic seem to be never ending, especially for those Australians who live apart from their parents. The Covid-19 travel restriction issued by the Australian Government has separated families restricting them from being able to see their parents. It stems from the fact that the definition of an immediate family member in COVID-19 travel restriction does not include parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents. So, bringing their parents to Australia has become a far off dream.

The situation forces Australian citizens and permanent residents who live apart from their parents to simply accept that they will have to live not knowing when they will ever see them again. With this definition in place excluding parents as close family members there is no real solution to reunite them with their parents.

Definition Of Immediate Family Member In COVID-19 Travel Restriction

The definition of an immediate family member in COVID-19 travel restriction has been an issue since day one. Many Australian citizens and permanent residents have voiced their resentment for the definition as it makes parent migration to Australia more difficult. They have urged the Australian Government to consider their parents and siblings as part of their immediate family members through several petitions.

The recent petition on 18 November 2020 resulted in 16,166 people signing a petition tabled in parliament, which left the WA Liberal Parliament office too inundated with requests for help. Then, in October 2020, around 5000 people also signed a petition started by Indians who wanted to bring their parents to Australia. Furthermore, more than 2000 people joined a Facebook Group owned by Mandy Pindal, a Melbourne permanent resident, and aired shared grievances over the definition of an immediate family member in Covid-19 travel restriction.

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Parent Migration Australia

I Miss My Parents and Want To Bring Them To Australia

Parent migration to Australia might seem difficult at the moment due to the COVID-19 travel restriction. But as we are willing to do anything for our family, especially our parents, we must still find ways to persevere. 

Even though your parents are not included in the definition of immediate family member in the COVID-19 travel restriction, there are still options available to reunite with your parents. What are the options?

1. Show a genuine, compelling reason.

What is a compelling reason? The compelling reason is a strong reason that can be used to support your request for your parents to be exempted from COVID-19 travel restriction. If you can show a compelling reason for your parents’ travel exemption, you could have a chance to meet your parents.

You can state your parents’ urgent situation in your home country, for example:

  1. Your parent is sick, and no one takes care of your parents
  2. Due to the death of your family member, your parents live alone by themselves in your home country.

You can use these reasons to show the urgency of bringing your parents to Australia to live with you. Do you find it difficult to express and state the urgency? Do not worry, because ONE derland Consulting can help you to process your compelling reason along with the supporting documents.

2. Your compelling reason got rejected? 

What if your compelling reason got rejected? What should you do? Are there other options left?

Yes, you still have other options! If the Department rejected your compelling reason to be exempted from Covid-19 travel restriction, you could consider applying for a Sponsored Parent (subclass 870) Visa and Contributory Parent (subclass 143 173) Visa. By holding one of these visas, your parents can stay in Australia for two until five years and even permanently. Desperate to apply for one of these visas? Make sure your parents meet the basic eligibility such as:

Basic Eligibility for Sponsored Parent (subclass 870) Visa:

  • Must be the biological/adoptive/step parents of the sponsor;
  • Must be at least 18 years old;
  • Must have an approved sponsor;
  • Must have met and compiled with all previous visa obligations;
  • Must meet the health and character requirements;
  • Must have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily;
  • Must have and maintain a health insurance;
  • Must have cleared the debts to the Australian Government.

Basic Eligibility for Contributory Parent (subclass 173 and 143) Visa:

  • Must not have held a Sponsored Parent (subclass 870) Visa;
  • Must have a sponsor;
  • Must meet the Balance of Family test;
  • Must meet the health and character requirement;
  • Must have no debts to Australian Government;
  • Must have no visa refusal or cancellation history;
  • Must sign the Australian Values Statement.

If you apply for a Contributory Parent (subclass 173) Visa for your parents first, your parents can stay permanently in Australia if you continue the visa application to Contributory Parent (subclass 143) Visa.

The visa fee for the Sponsored Parent (subclass 870) Visa is AUD 5,000 for a stay up to 3 years and AUD10,000 for a stay up to 5 years. Then, the visa fee for Contributory Parent (subclass 173) Visa is AUD 31,930, while the Contributory Parent (subclass 143) Visa fee is AUD 47,755.

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Got Your Hope Restored?

How do the options sound to you? Did your hope get restored to start your parent migration to Australia?

Let’s not waste time! Please remember that applying for a visa or an exemption from COVID-19 travel restriction requires a long processing time. Instead of waiting for a better situation, it is better to get the ball rolling as soon as possible! So then, when the Australian Government opens its international borders, you are ready to put your parents’ name onboard and ease your worries. 

ONE derland Consulting is here to help you to bring your parents to Australia because we do understand how much you miss your parents and how much you wish to embrace your parents. Our Senior Migration Agent and the team will happily help you to explain the urgency of bringing your parents to Australia or apply for a Parent Visa. We also would help and support you here during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let’s Start The Application!

We understand that parent migration to Australia is certainly very complex due to the COVID-19 travel restriction. However, it does not affect our willingness to help you to get your Australian visa.

Our visa specialists at ONE derland Consulting will help you assess your visa options. We have a 98% success rate and one of the most recommended migration agents in Australia. Read our 4.9* score customer reviews.

We specialise in complex visa cases. As registered Australian migration agents with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), we are regulated in our professional practice and bound by the profession’s Code of Conduct issued by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Take the first leap and get in touch with us. Our migration agents and our team are professional and honest. Our team members are also able to speak in various languages such as Mandarin/ Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, Japanese, Polish, German, and Russian. Contact us through email at [email protected] or via phone on 1300 827 159. Alternatively, you may book your consultation online and it is 100% refundable if you become our client.

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