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Maximum Amount of Family and Parent Visa Grants Announced for 2020/2021


Maximum Amount of Family and Parent Visa Grants Announced for 2020/2021

The Government recently announced the maximum amount of Family and Parent visa Australia that will be allocated for grant this year. It has been a difficult year for those wishing to bring their parents to Australia as the government refused to classify parents as immediate family members in relation to being able to be granted travel exemptions.

This situation may be changing for the better with the new announcements of the places allocated for Parent visas and also recent concessions that came into effect. The borders have now been closed for more than a year at this point and for many it has been uncertain as to when they would be able to see their parents again with travel exemptions needed to both enter and exit the country.

So what does this announcement mean for those that are trying to bring their parents to Australia?

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Australian Parent Visa and Family Visa Allocation of Grants for 2020/2021

The Maximum Number for the Following Visas Subclasses Infographics - ONE derland Consulting

The announcement made on April 13th stated that the maximum number of grants for the following visas subclasses were:

  • Contributory Parent visas: 3,600 (which includes 125 visas under the Pathway to Permanent Residence for Retirees that was introduced under the Migration Amendment (Pathway to Permanent Residence for Retirees) Regulations 2018 (Cth));
  • Parent visas: 900;
  • Other Family visas: 500.

These numbers have a continuous trend of decreasing year on year, which is to be expected given the border closure situation. In the 2018/2019 financial year the allocation for these subclasses was 7,175 for Contributory Parent visas, 1,500 for Parent visas and 500 for other Family visas and last financial year it decreased to 6,069 for Contributory Parent visas, 1,275 for Parent visas however the allocation of other family visas increased to 562.

With the allocation lowering again this year it would be best for those of you interested in applying for a family member or parent to try and submit your application as soon as possible. It has been more than a year now since the border closure and people are getting more desperate to see their loved ones after all this time.

If you wish to discuss your family member or parent’s eligibility book a consultation here.

Concessions Made for Parent visa Australia

Concessions Made for Parent visa Australia

Although there may be more competition for places as the maximum number of grants has decreased for Australian Parent visa but recently concessions were enacted making it easier in these complicated times to apply for certain parents visas.

The concessions meant that Parent Visas for Australia where the applicant would have to be offshore to be granted the visa would now be able to be granted their visas onshore. It was also true for certain Parent visas in which, had the application already been made onshore but the applicant was now offshore the visa would be able to be granted offshore.

The concessions were as follows:

  • The grant of Subclass 103 (Parent), Subclass 143 (Contributory Parent), and Subclass 173 (Contributory Parent (Temporary)) visas to applicants who are usually required to be outside Australia when the visa is granted but are in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic under certain circumstances can now be granted the visa onshore.
  • Applicants who applied for a Subclass 804 (Aged Parent (Permanent) visa) or Subclass 864 (Contributory Aged Parent (Permanent)) visa in Australia and who have since departed Australia may have difficulties in returning to Australia to be granted their visa due to COVID-19 related restrictions and practical difficulties involved with international travel during the pandemic can now be granted the visa offshore.

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How this Family and Parent Visa Australia Announcement may affect you?

The fact that parents are not included in the definition of immediate family members when it comes to travel exemptions is a contentious issue for many. However with the announcement of these numbers and the concessions in place now, it shows that there is still a commitment by the Australian government to try and to help PR and citizens bring their parents to Australia in these difficult, uncertain times.

It is a time with the ongoing global pandemic in which 2nd and 3rd waves are continuing and striking unexpectedly, causing uncertainty and at times emergency travel bans. In a situation like this it would only be natural for us to want to be close to our loved ones or know that they are in a safe situation.

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