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Partner Visa Refusal Because Of Non Genuine Relationship


Partner Visa Refusal Because Immigration Saw Your Relationship Isn’t Genuine

Do you know that Australian immigration authority could put a partner visa refusal to you if they deemed your relationship isn’t genuine.

To prevent you from receiving the awful news that your desired (and rather expensive) partner visa has been refused/ rejected, you must convince immigration that your relationship is genuine.

Read the list of required documents and evidence, and make sure you submit each one at the end of the online application.

By following these guide from our Australia migration expert, we hope you can avoid partner visa refusal since you can show that your relationship is in fact genuine.

Please note that the points and documents mentioned is not exhaustive, and if you can think of anything else you should add that too.

Social aspects

Have you met each other’s friends?

Do you meet up with them on a regular basis?

Explain what you like to go out and do as a couple, whether it’s alone as a couple or together with friends.

You should also mention any groups you are part of or any shared hobbies.

By adding external person, you can put more convincing application to avoid partner visa refusal.

Financial distribution/ responsibilities

Explain your financial distribution as a couple in the past, present and future.

You should mention (and include evidence) any times a partner has transferred money to the other.

How are your finances currently distributed between you?

Does one person earn and provide for the couple

Will this change if your partner is granted the visa?

Do you have a joint bank account?

If you mention utility bills, make sure you attach copies of the bills as evidence.

Explain your finance goals in the future.

Mention if the partner coming to Australia plans on getting a job once they arrive.

Talk about what your plans are for your savings and any assets you currently share or would like to share in future.

How the relationship developed

Here you need to give an outline of when you met each other, first impressions, and how your relationship developed into what it is now.

Tell immigration what made you fall in love with each other.

Explain how your partner improves your life.

The nature of the commitment between the couple

Here you need to convince immigration that your love for each other is enduring.

Explain how you cannot bear to be apart, and how it would have a big impact on your life, happiness and wellbeing if partner visa refusal happens to you.

Nature of the household

This relates to jobs around the house, but also your daily routine.

Explain how chores are shared in the house.

What do you both enjoy doing?

Does one person love to cook while the other loves to do jobs around the garden?

Explain if any of this will change once you are granted the visa.

In addition to the written sections, when you lodge Australian Partner Visa you also need to attach evidence to support all that you have written.

Anything such as joint rental agreements, photos of you together, with each other’s friends and family, and in the places that you have been on holiday together.

You will need to attach proof of flights or hotels you have booked together, utility bills, online shopping delivery confirmations, whatsapp chats,

On top of the evidence to support what you have written, anything you have that proves that your relationship and love is genuine and enduring should also be attached. Even though it may feel invasive and unnatural, you should submit as much information as evidence as possible.

If at any time during the Partner Visa Application process you find yourself thinking,

“Really? Is THIS bit of information necessary?!”

The answer is YES.

Couples are submitting their entire whatsapp chat history as standard now, to prove that they have been in contact during any time apart, to prove significant dates or private jokes.

Immigration also asks for standard documentation such as copies of passports, proof of financial stability for the sponsor, and letters from a minimum of two friends confirming that you and your partner are in a genuine and loving relationship.

You can attach up to 60 documents to your partner visa  application.

Try to give immigration as many plane tickets proving joint travel and as many photos of you as a couple at those destinations as possible.

Also any invitations to events with both your names on them always help.

Think like the couples who overshare on facebook – that’s what you need to become!

Solution for Partner Visa Refusal

If you have skipped to this section of the article right away, first of all let me say how sorry we are that your partner visa has been rejected.

Please be assured that it can be remedied and you can still bring your partner to Australia by either successfully appealing the decision, or stepping back and reapplying from scratch.

Thoroughly read and understand what the decision notice from immigration is saying.

They will clearly state their reasons for refusal, so you understand what to work on and convince them of for your next application.

There may not have been enough evidence of commitment from the couple, or it could be something small like the significant dates you have both mentioned in your statement letters are not aligned.

For example, if you have said you met each other in June, but your partner says you met in August, that would raise a red flag to immigration.

Make sure that everything you both submit supports each other’s claims.

Once you have a refused visa, it increases the chances of your next visa application being refused.

For something as serious as a partner visa, we strongly recommend you hire a registered visa agent to help you.

Why Many People in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney Trusting Their Partner Visa Application to ONE derland Consulting

ONE derland Consulting has had many couples come to us after their first partner visa refusal, and we know how upsetting, frustrating and disheartening it can be.

We know exactly what to put in to your next application, (and what to keep out of it!) so immigration will change their decision.

Booking an appointment with our lead migration agent, Mrs. Indah Melindasari and start building a solid partner visa application tailored based on both of you and your partner circumstances.

By creating such detailed and personalized application, it greatly reduces the risk of partner visa refusal.

If you know for sure you want to hire a visa agent, or would just like to find out more, please contact us on 08 9477 5831, or say hi on the chat widget at the bottom right of each page on our website.

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