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Perth becomes Regional Area for International Students


Perth becomes a Regional Area for International Students & Skilled Migrants

The WA state government and StudyPerth are cooperating with universities in order to promote Perth to abroad as the best destination for international students. The McGowan Government is investing an extra $4.5 million towards studyPerth’s international Education Action Plan. This is a part of Western Australia state budgeting plan to diversify the economy and create local jobs.

The government aims to attract approximately 16,000 International students, which would lead to increase the study enrollment number in Perth to an estimated 88,000 by 2022. This will also effect the State’s annual income of $2.5 billion and will generate about 15,500 jobs in the international education sector in Western Australia by 2022. ( for further information, click here )

Perth does not only offer a great quality education system, but also an incredible natural environment. Not to mention the cultural diversity which enhances the attractiveness of Perth as a perfect destination for international students. Students from different countries can encounter different cultures besides their own and Australian, get a great quality of education system and have nature to enjoy.

The federal government has reinstated Perth as a regional area  for international students, coming into effect on the 16th of November 2019. This gives an opportunity for international students to access incentives in undertaking their studies in Perth.

Federal Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said that Perth would be an attractive option for international students, as they are now eligible for an additional year in Australia on Australia Post – Study Work Visa. This will enrich the international students with a wide range of working experience, income and post-study financial stability as well as driving stronger economic growth. However, the graduate skilled migration list is still implemented and aims to attract high quality skilled international graduates (PhDs, Masters, Honours, Bachelors and other higher degrees) or various skilled migrants to live and work in Western Australia.

If you plan to study, work or live permanently in Western Australia especially Perth after reading this, then you may want to consider having a consultation with our Registered Migration Agent before starting your journey. 

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