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Proof Genuine Relationship Partner Visa Application 2023


Evidence Of Genuine Relationship For Partner Visa Purposes 2023

Obtaining a partner visa in Australia is an important step for couples dreaming to start living together in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs must be satisfied that the applicant and sponsor are in a genuine relationship as defined by the Migration Act and its Regulations. To establish the authenticity of your relationship, it is crucial to provide convincing evidence.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Australia will assess your relationship in various aspects – the categories are:

  1. Financial aspects

  2. Nature of household

  3. Social aspects; and

  4. Nature of the persons’ commitment to each other.

The financial aspects of the relationship, including:

The financial aspect is an important part when applying for a partner visa in Australia, this aspect will help immigration authorities assess whether the applicant and sponsor are financially capable of supporting themselves and also assess whether their relationship is genuine & committed.

Below is the key to the financial aspect consideration for partner visa Australia:

  1. Joint financial responsibilities, such as joint bank account, shared bills, rent or mortgage payment.
  2. Any joint ownership of real estate or other major assets;
  3. Any joint liabilities, such as transfers & transaction
  4. Any major financial commitments, such as joint investment accounts or retirement plans
  5. The basis of any sharing of day-to-day household expenses.

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The nature of the household, including:

Apart from the financial aspect, the nature of households is a crucial aspect when applying for a partner visa in Australia. It is important to demonstrate that you and your partner are living together or planning to live together as a genuine and committed couple. Below is the key you and your partner have to prove to the department:

  1. Cohabitation evidence such as a joint lease or tenancy agreement and utility bills
  2. Any joint responsibility for the care and support of children;
  3. The living arrangements of the persons
  4. Any sharing responsibility for housework on a daily basis
  5. Other supporting documents to reflect your shared life together, such as joint membership at the gym.

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The social aspects of the relationship, include:

The other critical component when applying for a partner visa in Australia is the social aspect of the relationship. This aspect is involved with providing that you and your partner share a genuine, committed, and socially integrated partnership. Demonstrating this aspect of your relationship is essential to convince the immigration authorities that your relationship is authentic.

Here are the things you need to show for the social aspect of the relationship:

  1. Whether the person represents themselves to other people as being married to each other or in a de facto relationship
  2. The opinion of the person’s friends and acquaintances about the nature of the relationship
  3. Photograph and video to show your social life together, including images from various occasions such as vacations, family gatherings or celebrations.
  4. Family and friends statement
  5. Travel record
  6. Any basis on which the persons plan and undertake joint social activities.

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The nature of the person’s commitment to each other, including:

The nature of the person’s commitment to each other is a fundamental aspect when applying for a partner visa in Australia. Immigration authorities need to be convinced that your relationship is genuine, ongoing, and committed.

Below are the things you need to show for the nature of the person’s commitment to each other:

  1. The duration of the relationship and the length of time during which the person has lived together
  2. The degree of companionship and emotional support that the persons draw from each other
  3. Whether the person sees the relationship as a long-term one.
  4. Statement and statutory declaration from both of you and your partner to explain the depth of your commitment to each other. Describe your emotional connection, future plans, and how you support each other.
  5. Communication records, including copies of text messages or chat, email, and phone call records.

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