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Re Entry Ban to Australia After Overstay Case Study


Made and Peter’s Story – Getting a Re Entry Ban to Australia After Overstay Case Study

Made was a very shy girl and when she first met Peter she surprised herself at how comfortable she felt around him.

Peter had been jetting back and forth quite regularly to Bali Indonesia for the last 7 years.

He owned several small furniture stores back in Australia and would often travel to Bali to seek out unique and one of a kind items for his stores back home.

It was in his third year of being in Bali and seeking out stock that he met Made.

She worked as an assistant to her Father who built and sold wooden carvings, furniture and artwork.

She would often speak with the western customers on behalf of her father who was unable to speak much English.

Peter had initially gone there to see her father’s wooden carvings.

He had heard from other expats in the same line of business that Made’s father was a very honest and hardworking man who’s work was not just amazing but was also at a good price.

A month later Peter returned to Bali and was intending to return to Made’s fathers shop to do more business.

He was very happy with the quality and price and the stock proved to be one of his top sellers.

He would visit in the last week of his short holiday there, he wanted to relax a bit and enjoy some of the sights first.

It was with great surprise when, at a restaurant eating, he felt a tap on his shoulder, and when he turned around there was Made smiling.

Peter invited her to pull up a seat and join him for dinner.

It was from that moment onwards they became great friends.

In January of 2012 Made took her first trip to Australia, to visit Peter at his home and see his place of business.

This would be one of many visits over the coming years, and soon their relationship developed into much more than just friends.

In October 2014 Made again took another trip to Australia, This time she had applied for a 6 month tourist visa and was looking forward to being able to have quality time to spend with Peter.

What Made did not realize was that the department of home affairs had only granted her a 3 month stay.

After her 6 month visit in Australia, Made returned home to Indonesia.

She was sad to leave Peter and longed for her next chance to visit him again.

It was at this time Peter confessed he could not live without her, and asked Made to be his wife.

She accepted and soon they were married in a beautiful and traditional ceremony in Bali.

After they were married Peter and Made applied for a Partner Visa.

This would allow her to live in Australia permanently with her new husband.

Within several months she received the devastating news that her visa had been refused and a entry ban had been applied to her.

Made had overstayed her previous visa and had not supplied enough evidence of her relationship with Peter.

This would mean she would not be able to re enter Australia for 3 years.

Sure she would get to see Peter when he comes to Bali, but his trips had become shorter and fewer as his business was becoming too busy for him to take long periods off work.

Peter decided it was best to seek the advice of a migration agent.

And so they contacted ONE derland Consulting and arranged a one on one consultation with Indah Melindasari the Prime migration agent there.

What made them decide to speak with ONE derland was the fact that Indah Melindasari was herself born in Indonesia and was able to offer them a Skype consultation and speak Bahasa with Made, making it easier for her to understand and also to feel more comfortable.

The Problem:

Made did not make sure she was aware of her visa conditions and expiry date.

She assumed that because she had applied for 6 months, she was granted that.

She did not read the immigration grant notice thoroughly and was not aware her visa was only valid for 3 months.

Made also did not provide enough evidence of her relationship.

Made was given a 3 year re entry ban.

She would not be able to apply for another Australian visa for 3 more years.

The Solution:

Peter and Made sought out the assistance of a migration agent as they were looking to have the re entry ban waived.

They were given the option of a Skype consultation allowing Made to also be present for the consult and translations in both Bahasa and English so that both Peter and Made understood.

Indah discussed the refusal with Made and Peter and was able to determine what further evidence of their relationship would be required to ensure a positive outcome for a new application.

The migration agent was able to assist them with a pervading submission of compelling reasons as to why the 3 year entry ban should be waived to allow Made to apply for the Partner visa.

The re entry ban to Australia was waived and Made was able to apply for the Partner Visa.

The partner visa was successful as enough evidence of the relationship was submitted.

It is important to understand the conditions of and validity of your visa to avoid the possibility of a Re Entry Ban.

If you are unsure of the conditions of your Visa, or you have had a re entry ban applied to you, it is recommended you seek the advice of a registered migration agent.

At ONE derland Consulting, Indah Melindasari, our registered senior migration agent is well rehearsed when it comes to Re entry ban to Australia cases.

Not only will ONE derland Consulting listen to your story, we will ensure that you receive the correct advice.

Each individual case is different, and therefore each solution is different.

The team at ONE derland Consulting will make certain that the details of your case are noted and understood in order to tailor the best solution for you.

Call us today on 08 9477 5831 or alternatively you can chat live with one of our consultants online using the chat widget below.

ONE derland Consulting, where your migration dreams become a reality.

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