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Should You Use Registered Migration Agent Help For Your Visa Application?


Should I Seek Registered Migration Agent Help For My Australian Visa Application?

Why many people suggest me to seeking registered migration agent advice before submitting Australian visa application?

When applying for a visa you can either apply yourself or seek a registered migration agent help in your city such as Perth, Melbourne or Sydney.

Using a registered migration agent help does not mean that your application has priority over anyone else with the department, nor does it mean it will be processed quicker or even have a guarantee of approval.

What it does guarantee is that your application is handled by a professional who has experience with lodging visa applications and the expertise in Australian migration laws and procedures.

When choosing a registered migration agent it is recommended you ensure that the agent is registered with the office of MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority).

An agent whose MARA registered has the skills and knowledge of Australian migration laws and procedures.

If you chose a registered agent it protects you and ensures that the person handling your application is qualified.

All registered migration agents must follow the Code of Conduct prepared by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Under this Code, agents must act professionally, as well as in your best interests and within the law.

An agent should provide you with accurate advice about your options.

They will do this based on the information you provide them and their knowledge and experience.

Whether you are confident to lodge an application on your own or not, it is advised to seek initial advice from a registered migration agent, to ensure you are aware of the application procedures and processes.

Lodging an application yourself can be very daunting and confusing especially if your case is complex or there has been past visa refusal.

Liaising with the Department of Immigration can also be quite difficult especially if you are not well rehearsed in migration laws, languages and applications.

Hiring a migration agent means that they are your go to person.

If you have any questions, concerns or there is anything you don’t understand your agent will be able to explain to you in terms that are easy to understand.

Your migration agent will liaise with the department of immigration on your behalf taking out all the guesswork and confusion, and your agent will monitor the progress of your application as well as updating you with any requests or deadlines set out by the department.

ONE derland Consulting senior migration agent Indah Melindasari is a registered migration agent with MARA Number 0961448 and has over 8 years’ experience in complex applications and Australian Migration Laws.

If you choose ONE derland Consulting as your migration agency, we will provide the following services for you:

  • Have a one hour consultation with you, before you even hire us
  • Listen to your story and fully understand your circumstances
  • Use that information to decide on the right visa or solution for you and your family
  • Provide you a contract outlining our responsibilities as your agent, fees and obligations
  • Once you have hired us, we will send you a detailed, personally tailored document checklist to ensure you gather all the required evidence
  • Provide templates for letters and information requests
  • Create a very strong submission and application for you
  • Handle all the correspondence with Immigration
  • Submit the application
  • Explain clearly any obligations to you once you have been granted the visa
  • Remind you of all relevant deadlines with plenty of notice

If you would like to apply for an Australian Visa, or you would like some advice about your visa concerns, we would advise you to have one hour session of private consultation with Mrs. Indah.

This consultation would provide you insight of the best migration pathway you could take.

We also will provide you with an actionable blueprint for your Australian visa application based on your circumstances and motives to migrate to Australia.

Don’t jeopardize the chances of migrating to Australia.

Trust a registered migration agent to handle your Australian visa application.

contact our migration expert team on 08 9477 5831.

Or chat live with one of our consultants using the widget on the bottom right of our website.

Our consultants always ready to answer you with your queries.

Would love to hear more from you soon.

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