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Why You Shouldn’t Lodge Your Australian Fiancée Visa without the Help of a Migration Agent


Why You Shouldn’t Lodge Your Australian Fiancée Visa Without the Help of a Migration Agent

The prospective marriage visa (sometimes called a fiancée visa) allows a person from overseas to marry their partner who is either Australian, or is an Australian permanent resident.

This visa only lasts 9 months, so this means you have to marry your partner and apply for a fiancée visa within 9 months of the visa being granted, otherwise you have to leave the country.

Not fulfilling the obligations of this visa will reflect poorly on you for any future visa application you make, which may result in you being separated from your partner for a long time, and can even result in a permanent ban from Australia.

Couples who apply for this themselves or with the help of a migration agent who is inexperienced with fiancée visa, run a high risk of it not being granted.

Couples often come to us after a Prospective Marriage visa rejection, and we have found that it isn’t even the right visa for them to apply for!

We have then taken them through the process for the optimal visa for that couple in their particular circumstances, and they have lived happily ever after together in Australia.

Couples and inexperienced migration agents just do not know what the options are.

Immigration know the options, and will not grant the fiancée visa if it is not the right one.

Then, you have a mark on your record.

Having a visa rejection on your record for any reason whatsoever makes it very challenging to be granted any type of Australian visa in the future.

At that point it is essential (as if it wasn’t before!) that you hire an experienced migration agency to do your next application for you.

The other common mistake couples make when submitting the application for a fiancée visa, is that they do not attach enough supporting evidence.

Couples are always surprised once they come to us and realize the level of detail that Immigration require to make an informed decision on their application. 

Again, if Immigration feel that they do not have enough information, they will either ask for additional documents, or just reject the application.

How Important Migration Agent For Australia Fiancée Visa Application

If you come to an experienced migration agent like ONE derland Consulting for a prospective marriage visa, or any visa at all, we will do all of this for you:

  • Have a one hour consultation with you, before you even hire us
  • Listen to your story and fully understand your circumstances
  • Use that information to decide on the right visa for you and your fiancée
  • Once you have hired us, we will send you a detailed, personally tailored document checklist to ensure you gather all the required evidence
  • Provide templates for letters and information requests
  • Create a very strong application for you
  • Handle all the correspondence with Immigration
  • Submit the application
  • Explain clearly any obligations to you once you have been granted the visa
  • Notify you when you should apply for your partner visa
  • Remind you of all relevant deadlines with plenty of notice

What Should I Do Next?

Are you still confused about the fiancée visa requirements?

Not sure what the best way to start?

It in your best interest that you start by contacting someone who knows the complexities of Australian migration law.

ONEderland Consulting, lead by Mrs. Indah Melindasari – registered migration agent with more than 8 years of professional experience successfully helping hundred partner visa applicant getting their partner visa granted.

Book an appointment now and let us assess your eligibility, your circumstances and build a solid actionable migration plan based from the information you provided.

If you would like to apply for a prospective partner visa, or aren’t sure and have questions, contact us at ONE derland Consulting on +61 8 9477 5831 or send us a message on the chat function at the bottom of each page on our website.

We will make sure to get back to your enquiry within 48 hours, you are important to us.

Let us help your fiancée visa application in any way we can.

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