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Having only a couple months to sort out my visa, Indah was such an excellent source to have in order to process everything correctly and in a quick manner. She provided the right tools to keep the process simple and user friendly with a professional manner. I would recommend Indah (ONE derland Consulting) for anyone seeking help on attaining a visa. I know if I ever need to apply for another visa, Indah will be the first person I contact! Thanks again for all your help!
Katie Blitz
We would like to say thank you so much for assisting me with my working visa application recently. I was so thrilled when you contacted me to advise that a company offered work with them. From then, everything went so quickly. We did all the skills assessment and preparation of my visa, and it was granted less than 6 months. There is nothing I can say, except thank you for helping me achieve my dream in this beautiful country. I would now like to ask for your help again to bring my partner to Australia. Thank you for keeping me updated with the progress and any changes to the rules. I am sure that many people are very happy with your service!
Fernando Gonzales
I will be forever grateful to Mbak Indah for taking care of my permanent visa application in Perth. It got approved faster than I thought and I am now happily residing in Australia with the freedom to pursue my dreams. I found ONE derland Consulting through a simple search from the migration agent database. I chose her because I felt I could trust her and because she gave me great advice and handled my application very professionally. She keeps you up to date and it has been a pleasure cooperating with her. I fully recommend her to anyone who is looking for migration consulting services, may it be a study visa, graduate, or permanent visa. You can’t get any better advice and representation than this.
Erwin Kurnadi
Thanks God for saving my life, and again Ms Indah acted very quickly, she straight away arranged all my paperwork and applied the visa within 2 days! shall recommend your service to everyone I met in Australia!
Alan Christier

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 Requirements Explained

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 Requirements Explained

General Skilled Migration – Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190 – Permanent Residency Visa

Do you want to apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190?

Please note the most important steps below:

  • The Skilled Nominated visa subclass 190 is a permanent residency visa for skilled workers who pass the points test and want​​​​ to work and live in Australia after they have been nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency.

The Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190 Australia gives you permanent residency.

It allows you and any family members who have also been granted this visa:

  • Continue to live in Australia indefinitely;
  • To be able to work and study in Australia;
  • To enrol in Medicare (Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses);
  • When eligible to apply for Australian citizenship;
  • To be able to sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residency;
  • Will allow travel to and from Australia for 5 years from the date the visa is granted (after that you will need a resident return visa or another visa to be able to re-enter Australia).

Do you need more information on the points test system? Look no further…

  • If you are applying for a visa to work in Australia, you may be required to pass the points test. This test is used to assist Australia in choosing the right candidates who possess the skills and attributes needed.

The number of points you need to pass the points test will depend entirely on the subclass of visa you apply for.

You can receive points for a number of reasons, including:

  • The skills you have acquired;
  • How old you are currently;
  • Your English language ability;
  • Your specific occupation;
  • Your Australian work experience and/or Australian qualifications.

You will need to obtain a skill assessment for your nominated occupation. What is a skill assessment?

  • A Points Tested Skilled Migration visa can be applied for when you receive an invitation. Afterwards, you must then nominate an occupation that is currently on the relevant skilled occupation lists (SOL).
    • You will need to then provide proof that your skills have been assessed as suitable for the nominated occupation you chose by the relevant assessing authority. You can find which assessing authority you need on the SOL.
  • You will need to provide the relevant assessing authorities full (permanent) skills assessment, which will then be used for the Points Tested Skilled Migration.
    • The requirement for an assessing authority to take on different types of skill assessments is determined by the assessing authority in agreement with the appropriate professional standards.
    • A skills assessment is valid until the expiry date stated on the assessment, or when three years from the date of issue has gone by, whichever happens first.

General Skilled Migration - Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190 - Permanent Residency Visa

What is the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)? You will need to nominate an occupation from this list for the subclass 190 visa.

  • The Skilled Occupations List (SOL) is a list of skilled occupations and is used as part of the points system for Immigration to Australia. In order for you to qualify for skilled migration to Australia, you must nominate an occupation from this list (SOL). However, if you are applying for skilled migration by a nomination through a State or Territory Government, you also have the option of nominating an occupation from a different list, the occupation in demand from the State list.
  • Please be aware that all occupations on the current Skilled Occupation List (SOL) are from the ANZSCO (Australia and New Zealand Skilled Classification of Occupations) code, where as it was previously called the ASCO (Australian Skilled Classification of Occupations).
  • If you apply for a General Skilled Migration visa (including the 189 visa) and you are NOT going to be nominated by a State or Territory Government, then you will have to nominate an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  • However, if you apply for a General Skilled Migration visa and you ARE being nominated by a State or Territory Government, you can nominate an occupation from either list, which includes the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the state occupation list.

Nomination by a state or territory government

  • State and territory government agencies can view your expression of interest in SkillSelect and decide whether to nominate you for a visa. Each state or territory has a list of occupations that guides the types of skills they are looking for.
  • In your expression of interest, you can indicate your interest in just one state or territory, or you can choose to be available to all of them. If you accept a nomination, the states and territories may require you to:
    • Live in the nominating state or territory for a specified minimum time;
    • Tell the state or territory your address, both before and after you arrive in Australia;
    • Be prepared to complete surveys and providing other post-arrival information they ask for;
    • Meet any of their other requirements.
  • Each state or territory government agency has its own process for nominating expressions of interest. Some agencies contact people directly and others wait for people to contact them. You can find more information on their websites.

What is the skill select – Expression of Interest? How do you lodge this application?

  • SkillSelect is an online service that assists Australia in managing the skilled migration programme. It can help to ensure that the programme is based on Australia’s current economic needs. It goes hand in hand with the government, helping to manage who can apply for skilled migration, when applicants can apply and how many. Since this has taken place, the time to process a visa application has been significantly reduced.
  • You will need to set up an account and login to SkillSelect in order to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • In doing an EOI, skilled workers and business people can show that they are interested in migrating to Australia and then can be considered for a skilled visa when they submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by using SkillSelect.An EOI shows that you are interested and would like to be considered for a skilled visa. An EOI is NOT a visa application.
  • When you submitted your EOI, a state or territory government can look it over and decide whether to nominate you to apply for the subclass 190 visa. State and territory authorities have their own requirements for deciding who to nominate. Each state or territory government agency has different processes for nominating from the EOI, some may contact you and others may wait to be contacted. You will be able to find out more information on their websites.
  • You may be asked to provide a range of information in your EOI. This will depend on the visa you state you want to be considered for, including:
    • Your basic personal information;
    • What your nominated occupation will be;
    • Your current work experience;
    • Your study and education;
    • What your current level of English skills is;
    • Your details of a skills assessment, which will need to be related to your nominated occupation;
    • Do you have any business and or investment experience?
    • This then makes it to where skilled workers and business people can be found and nominated for skilled visas by Australian employers or state and territory governments. They could also be invited by the Australian Government to lodge a visa application.

When can you apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190?

  • You need to have received an invitation by a state or territory government agency. It allows you to live and work in Australia as a to apply for this visa; you may receive this invitation after submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • Invitations are solely based on claims that are made in your EOI, so your visa application must then include evidence to support your claims from your EOI.
  • If you receive an invitation to apply for this visa, you will have 60 days to from this point to apply.
    We suggest applying early to ensure the lodgement of your application is successful. You may be on-shore or off-shore, when your application is lodged.

What Next? Should I Start Applying For Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190?

So you maybe wondering that could you lodge a Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190 after knowing all the requirements?

Well, from our professional perspective we would like to say hold on.

One of the most common reasons on why application for Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190 rejected by immigration is that there is lack of or misinformation about how the applicant presented themselves in their own application.

Lead by a registered migration agent, Mrs. Indah Melindasari. ONE derland Consulting have more than 6 years extensive experience dealing with complex visa cases such as Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190.

By having in-depth private visa consultation with Mrs. Indah, you will gain valuable insight and solid migration plan build based from your circumstances to minimizes the risk of your Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190 refused by Australian immigration authority.

Take the first leap and get in touch with us. Our migration agents and our team are professional and honest. Our team members are also able to speak in various languages such as Mandarin/ Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, Japanese, Polish, German, and Russian. Contact us through email at [email protected] or via phone on 1300 827 159. Alternatively, you may book your consultation online and it is 100% refundable if you become our client.

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