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BREAKING NEWS! Australia Opens International Border for Unvaccinated Traveller


Australia Opens International Border for Unvaccinated Traveller

Starting from 6 July 2022, showing your Covid-19 vaccination status will no longer be a requirement to enter Australia. It was officially announced by the Health Ministry of Australia and the Department of Home Affairs of Australia.

There were also other important updates regarding entry requirements to enter Australia that we will be discussing as well.

How will the update to the requirements to enter Australia affect you?

Can Unvaccinated People Travel to Australia?

The answer is yes.

Considering the updated requirement to enter Australia mentions Covid-19 vaccination is not mandatory, it indicates that the Australian government has fully reopened international travel for unvaccinated travelers.

Previously, all unvaccinated travelers must have a travel exemption before entering Australia. However, the new requirement to enter Australia would mean the travel exemption is no longer mandatory.

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requirements to enter Australia

What does it mean for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Travellers?

It is excellent news for those who are unvaccinated for specific health conditions.

The previous requirements to enter Australia was challenging for the unvaccinated traveller as they must have a travel exemption or provide a medical reference. But now you can visit Australia without being burdened with vaccination regulations.

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These Declarations are not Mandatory for Travellers

The new requirements to enter Australia also mean that both the Digital Passenger Declaration and Maritime Travel Declaration are no longer mandatory. If you are travelling to Australia, you are not required to complete these declarations before arriving in Australia. It applies to all vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers arriving in Australia on or after 6 July 2022.

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So, What Should You Prepare Before Travelling to Australia?

Covid-19 vaccination and declarations are not the only requirements to enter Australia that you must prepare. A valid Australian visa is the most important thing you must have before coming to Australia.

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