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School Fees for 457 Visa Holder Children Confirmed in WA


Commencing from the year 2015, 457 visa holders will be required to pay government school fees for each child living in Australia as a dependent listed on their visa.

Originally planned to be brought into action in 2014, 457 visa holders will be required and expected to contribute to the costs of their children’s education going forward as of 2015.

At the present moment, as a 457 visa holder living in Western Australia, you do not need to pay government school fees for your child or children to attend to and receive government education.

The government school fees to come into effect in 2015 will be $4,000 per annum for the first attending child of the family and $2,000 per annum for the second and every subsequent child of the family.

The Premier, Colin Barnett, stated that there are plans to ensure provisions for families suffering financial hardship and the option to pay school fees in installments will be offered.

“On average it costs more than $15,000 to educate a child in a Western Australian State Government school and following discussions with Education Minister Peter Collier and Treasurer Troy Buswell, we have concluded the Government has to introduce this measure to try to recoup some of the cost of educating these children from overseas,” said the Premier, Mr Colin Barnett.

It was also quoted that Premier Colin Barnett has been forced to consider the fact that Australian citizens that pay tax over a lifetime are contributing to the public education system whereas 457 visa holders will only contribute to the Australian tax system for the duration of their visa and/or stay in Australia.

Mr Barnett said that it is estimated to be approximately 4,000 457 visa holder children currently taking part in the government public schools education program. From 2014 onwards, schools will be expected to verify if children are studying as a dependent on a 457 visa.

Government schools fees for 457 visa holders will be implemented across Australia and the Western Australian school fees will be lower than the projected Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales government school fees.

Mr Barnett went on to say “We hope that by giving people notice of the measures and adopting a ‘family discount’, current 457 visa holders will have time to assess their options and future visa applicants will know what to expect when they come to WA.”

If 457 visa holders apply for and are granted a permanent residency visa, they will no longer be required to pay the fees and will automatically become entitled to free public education, as is every Australia citizen.

For more information on government school fees or permanent residency visas in preparation for the school fees to come into effect in 2015, please contact ONE derland Consulting at our email address or at +61 (08) 9477 5831.


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