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Skill Select Invitation Result Released And What Does This Mean?

Skill Select Invitation Result Released And What Does This Mean?

Skill Select Invitation Result Released And What Does This Mean?

The result of Skill Select Invitation round for October has been released. Skill Select is a program that aims to fill the shortage of labour available in Australia, it provides a solution to the demand for certain occupations to meet the business and economic needs. Simply, it’s an online system that compiles future skilled migrants’ applications for applying for an Australian skilled visa.

For those of you who are interested in migrating to Australia as a skilled worker, you have to apply an Expression of Interest (EOI) online through Skill Select. You may refer to the occupation ceilings under the skilled regional (provisional) visas, as there is a quota regarding how many EOIs can be invited for skilled migration from an occupation group, and Skills assessments may be required for particular occupations.

The Department of Home Affairs will issue invitations to candidates regularly every month. This article will provide you the result for the invitation round in October. It may be unwelcome news for many of you wishing to emigrate in this way however if you fall under certain occupational umbrellas that are in high demand it could be a golden opportunity.

What Was The Reason For The Changes? 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian government is closely monitoring and re-structuring the migration regulations and visa arrangements for Australians and skilled migrants to comply with public health measures and attempting not to remove job opportunities for Australians who may themselves be struggling financially during this pandemic yet all still trying to provide migrants the opportunity for the Australian skilled visa.

What Are The Aims Of The Changes?

Australia needs to respond to the COVID19 pandemic swiftly and efficiently, as many people are struggling and to avoid letting the Australian economy slip into recession. The pandemic has not only put a massive strain on the public health system but has had a significant negative impact on the economy.

The October Skill Select invitation round is the lowest invitations compared to earlier months this year. Many experts are surprised, as the Federal government had released the budget for 2020-2021 fiscal year and it is forecasted that there would be a decrease in the number of invitations for the Australian skilled visa, but not to this low.

The decreasing number of Skill Select invitations shows the Federal government is prioritizing the critical occupations to help the Australian COVID19 pandemic recovery. Currently, Skilled stream visa includes Global Talent, Business Innovation and Investment Program visas and Employer-sponsored will be prioritized at this stage, while the immigration program structure for 2020-2021 allocating that skilled stream visa has lowered to 79,600 places in 2020-2021. Also, the onshore applicants including partner or family visa who dwell in designated areas will be given more places on the 2020-2021 Migration program. 

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What Are The New Changes And The Regulations Before The Changes?

In October, there was a decrease from the previous month’s invitation round for subclass 189 visa invitations, only 30 invitations were issued. The Department of Home Affairs only issued 80 invitations for visa subclass 491, as compared to the September invitation round, this is a dramatic drop of 210 and 70 invitations, respectively.

Visa Types October September Change
Subclass 189 30 invites 350 invites 310 decrease
Subclass 491 80 invites 150 invites 70 decrease
Visa Type
Subclass 189 October: 30 Invites
September: 350 Invites
Change: 310 decrease
Subclass 491 October: 80 Invites
September: 150 Invites
Change: 70 decrease


There were slight changes on overall points total needed to receive an invitation compared to the September invitation round.

Visa Types September October Change
Subclass 189 65 65
Subclass 491 75 75 10 decrease
Visa Type
Subclass 189 September: 65
October: 65
Subclass 491 October: 75
September: 75
Change: 10 decrease


Subclass 189 – The lowest score to receive an invitation was 65 points. This point remains the same as the previous month in September. 

Subclass 491 – There was a10 points drop since last month, as currently only 65 points was the lowest score to receive an invitation for a subclass 491 visa. The 65 points include the extra 15 points awarded to subclass 491 visa.

If you are unsure about your eligibility to apply for either subclass 189 or 491, book an appointment with our migration agent for more information by clicking here

The October Skill Select invitation round is the lowest so far for the 2020-year program for the Australian skilled visas. In order to maintain the previous program and due to high levels of demand, there will be no invitation round issued in October for pro-rata occupation, and the below occupation groups will be subject to pro-rata arrangements to ensure the availability of invitations across the program year. 

Subclass Occupation ID Description Minimum points score Latest date of effect month
189/491 2211 Accountants N/A N/A
189/491 2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers N/A N/A
189/491 2334 Electronics Engineer N/A N/A
189/491 2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers N/A N/A
189/491 2339 Other Engineering Professionals N/A N/A
189/491 2611 ICT Business and System Analysts N/A</