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How long Can You Stay in Australia Without Valid Visa?


How Long Can You Stay in Australia Without Valid Visa?

Can i stay in Australia Without Valid Visa? If so how many days do i have?

By law you must depart Australia before the expiry date of your visa.

If you do not, you are considered to have breached your visa conditions and to be unlawful non-citizen.

Generally an Australian tourist visa is valid for 3 months, however some can be 6 or 12 months.

Other Australian visas are different.

It is important to know how long your visa is valid for and when your visa expires.

Having your return flight home already booked, before or on the day that your visa ceases to be valid will ensure that you exit Australia before your visa expires.

If you stay in Australia without valid visa, you run the risk of:

  • Being banned for 3 years from Entering Australia
  • Being unable to lodge another visa application whilst in Australia
  • Being Banned from applying for an Australian visa for 3 years
  • Being banned Permanently (depending on the severity of the breach of visa conditions)
  • Being detained by immigration
  • Being deported

Immigration are able to determine if you have overstayed in a number of ways.

By receiving anonymous tip offs, from data links with Police, and information from local governments and other authorities.

It is recommended to never stay in Australia without valid visa.

If you do overstay your visa it is best to seek the assistance of a registered migration agent.

Because each overstay case is poses different complexities.

Your migration agent will be able to advise you on what is the best solution to solve your overstay visa case.

In most cases the solution is to apply for an appropriate visa that will allow you to stay lawfully in Australia whilst you make arrangements to leave voluntarily.

But, if you are wanting to stay in Australia then it becomes more complex as the 3 year ban applies and to lodge a new visa application you must apply offshore.

This is where registered migration would tremendously helping you.

With more than 8 years’ extensive experience in solving case of people stay in Australia without valid visa.

ONE derland Consulting’s senior migration agent Indah Melindasari is unchallenged when it comes to overstay visa issues.

As a registered migration agent, Mrs. Indah Melindasari works closely with Immigration authority which make her able to navigate through the complexities of Australian migration law.

With high success rate and hundreds of satisfied clients or applications approved, ONE derland Consulting is one of the best Australia migration agent you could trust.

Indah is a Professional Migration Agent with the knowledge and experience of complex Australian migration laws and procedures.

She is registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). 

This means Mrs. Indah heed to professional code of conduct estabilished by Migration Agents Registration Authority and thus you can fully trust us with your overstay case.

ONE derland Consulting is regulated in our professional practice and are bound by the pro cfession’s Code of Conduct issued by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

What we will do for you:

  1. We will consult directly with you to understand the circumstances of your case
  2. We will provide you with advice and direct you on what options are available to you, relevant to your personal situation
  3. If you decide to proceed with the help of ONE derland Consulting, we will provide you with a personalised tailored document checklist, relevant to your case, to help you gather the correct documents required.
  4. We will ensure all your documents are sufficient and your application/case is strong.
  5. We will liaise with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your behalf.
  6. We will always keep you updated on the progress of your case.

Simply book an appointment with Mrs. Indah and you will get the best actionable course to get the best possible outcome for your overstay visa case.

So, if you stay in Australia without valid visa and overstay visa case applies to you, or you have had a 3 year ban applied, why not contact us at ONE derland Consulting.

You can speak to one of our consultants live using our chat widget on the below part of the website. 

Or you can call us on 08 9477 5831 for Western Australia, 02 9188 2065 for New South Wales or 03 9088 4114 for Victoria.

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